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Your body can be experienced as a safe and sacred haven, a wise teacher, a loyal friend and sensitive pleasure receptor.

When we experience our body as a trusted ally, rather than an obstacle or enemy, we open to worlds of knowing previously inaccessible.

Dance Medicine can help you to re-inhabit your body as an intelligent piece of Earth, through movement, sound and communing with nature.

Through drum, dance and intuitive movement we can remember our wholeness, heal and engage our animal instincts, which can help us to track our destiny and hear the voices of Gaia.

There is much at stake in this moment on Earth...

Our future as a species and the health of Earth's precious ecosystems are currently in a precarious dance with devastation. Your body is a gift to your spirit from this precious planet... your tears have the same salinity as the oceans, your body has similar ratios of silica, iron and phosphorus as the planet.  I believe remembering and loving the Earth of your body is a radical act.

Taking the time to listen to your body's wisdom and the voices of Gaia that seek you - whether through the trees, waters, stones, animals... is both evolutionary and ancient.

Do you feel called to join me in this dance of deep listening and remembering?

Our Enlivened Body Knowing online course is now open for registration (PWYC)!

During these times of shape-shifting and uncertainty your body is a wise guide who can sense the way forward.  She can hear the living languages of the Earth...

The Enlivened Body Knowing online course is an invitation to sharpen your instincts, dance to delicious music, interrupt patterns and nourish the Earth. Click here to learn more

We're thrilled to be participating in the Hillside Homeside festival this weekend! You can participate by clicking below for a 9 minute workshop that's a poetic journey, a sacred encounter, a fluid invitation and a living prayer...