Aug 9 - Djembe Medicine in Uxbridge

Drum, dance, experience new music...
Take sacred time for you.

Do you love to dance or move to the beat of live drumming?  The Women's Rhythm & Movement Circle is an opportunity to recharge through the medicine of rhythm, movement and community connection.

Our daily routines and habitual ways of thinking & being form the rhythms of our daily lives.  On average, how do you feel as you move through your day?  Is your life rhythm stale or no longer suited for who you're becoming?

When we experiment with new rhythms of music & movement it helps us connect with the life rhythm that feeds us the most.  It's a fun way to access our deep wisdom and gain helpful insights for the future.

We gather the third Thursday of each month, co-creating a safe and sacred space to explore and express ourselves through rhythm & movement.

Examples of our monthly circle themes...

West African Dance, Caribbean Djembe Jam, Movement as a Tool for Healing, Body Percussion,  Drum Into Your Power, Movement as a Tool for Manifestation,  Learn to Sing & Drum...


Have you ever seen Stomp, or South-African Gumboots dancing?  During our June circle you'll learn a rhythmic dance where your body creates the soundtrack!

Pre-registration is required due to limited space.

This month we have the honour of joining with the Uxbridge Women's Wellness circle <3

We will be exploring the medicine of djembe drumming. The djembe is a West African drum that is most commonly played in drum circles around the world. Playing this instrument can support us to experience a sense of deep peace, joy and wellness.

Together in sacred circle we will connect, drum our intentions and send healing vibrations out into the world.

Djembe Medicine Jam

DATE: Wednesday Aug 9

TIME: 7 - 9pm
LOCATION: 433 Sandford Road, Uxbridge

*Bring a chair*

COST:  $25

Pre-registration required. Email Susan at:


About Elisha...

I learned to use dance medicine at a young age...
The story below shares about my healing journey with movement.

I am in LOVE with Dundun Dance...
These rhythms can empower us and bring us together.

I had a career touring and perfoming nationally & internationally with Canada's top African artists... This video is from back in the day!


My passion and respect for West African drum & dance led me to live on and off in West Africa, so I could eat, sleep and breathe the rhythms. The result was deep healing, activation of my inner bliss and opening to my power to manifest. It is with great respect and honor that I share these ancient drumming dances.


Upcoming Circle : West African Dance

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