Why Daily Ritual is Important to Manifest Abundance

We all have a deep human need for ritual & connection. Connection to ourselves, connection to others and connection to the divine. Creating personal ritual helps you to connect to ‘the big picture’ and experience strength & peace in your life.

There are many people who have a coffee drinking ritual.  When you drink your coffee do you take the time to be present, savor & enjoy? Or has it become part of the mechanical morning routine, while you are lost in your thoughts and the morning rush?

In the photo below:  When I was in Mali at the Festival Sur le Niger (a week long festival of music, theatre & dance) I made friends from Niger.  My travel-buddy and I would join them each day for a tea ritual.  The tea was slowly prepared with care, and poured with perfection.  It was a moment to pause and connect to the present, and each other, and enjoy the richness of the moment.  

Elisha tea ceremony

So how does this connect to abundance!?!?!?

You need to tap into your full power to intentionally create your reality.  That means regular check-ins that you are fully HERE NOW, and KNOW WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.  Imagine that you are in the driver seat of your life.  Your GPS is set to what you want to manifest, your spedometer shows you how balanced you are, your RPM shows you if you are accelerating into the redzone which is fear (and out of the abundance zone).  As you encounter traffic, unforseen construction etc. you make decisions that are still guiding you to what you want to create.  These decisions need to be made from a place of clarity.

Daily ritual gives you the chance to check in with your dashboard, and a moment out of space & time (in other words a moment away from your things to do list, and thoughts of past & future.)  In other words A MOMENT OF CLARITY!

When you are not regularly checking in you may go way off course, set to cruise control and sleeping at the wheel.

Ask yourself: How does my body feel?  Am I aware of my presence? Am I presently aware? Then bring your full awareness to your ritual, challenging yourself to let go of your thoughts as they surface, and tuning in to the sights, sounds, smells around you.

When your ritual is complete, ask yourself:  What one step do I need to take today towards manifesting  (insert goal)  ?


Top 10 Daily Rituals to Manifest Abundance

1)  DANCE! 1-3 songs per day!

2)   Make yourself a hot cup of tea (or coffee) and ENJOY IT.  See 2 of my favourite teas below.

3)  Go for a walk, preferrably in nature.

4)  Sit for 15 minutes in stillness, maintaining your focus on your breath, an image or candle.

5)  Sing or chant for 15 min.

6)  Thank yourself for 5 things – something nice you’ve done for yourself, for someone else, or maybe who you choose to be: courageous, loving, supportive….

7)  Create a meal with LOVE.

8)  Say prayers.  For yourself, others, the world!

9)  Make a gratitude list of 5 things at the end of the day

10) Take a 5 min Beauty Break, to notice all of the beauty that surrounds you.


2 of my Favourite teas.……..

1) Secret Garden:  I love this tea to wake up and connect to within.
Organic blend of green, white & jasmine teas with freeze dried cape gooseberries & pomegranate blossoms

2) Winter Song : This tea I bring in a thermos for snowy walks in the forest, and to savour sweet cozy gatherings with friends.
Carmelized pomegranate with apple, orange, hibiscus, blackberry leaves, almonds, carrot shreds, star anise,  cinnamon, silver linden blossoms, cranberry slices & rose petals!

Check out these teas and more at: teaandallitssplendour.com
My dear friend Raelene is one of the few tea sommelier’s in Canada, has gorgeous teas and offers free shipping!