Waking up the feminine within

Divine goddess,

I am settling into a new home with my love, and this is giving me a wonderful opportunity to create new patterns.  I want to create a rhythm that is deeply nourishing and reflects the feminine cycles: ebb & flow, expansion & contraction, action to dreaminess (and back again!)

How would you describe feminine energy?

I have asked this question in workshops around the world.  Here are some of the words that have come up: intuitive, strong, powerful, gentle, compassionate, caring, mystical, wild, sacred, sultry, sensual, sexual, creative, dynamic, cyclical, magic, present, goddess, grace, beauty, flow, ecstasy, abundance….

Both men and women have masculine and feminine energy within.  Our society is more based on masculine energy, which demands more action and less being, more logic and less magic, more productivity & less sensuality.

This way of doing things is unbalanced and can leave us feeling depleted, anxious, aggravated, burnt-out, stressed-out, unfulfilled and totally un-sexy.  It usually also leads to physical ailments, irregular menses/intensified menopause, disease or chronic pain.

Personally when I fall into this pattern of go-go-go I get flare-ups of anxiety, joint-inflammation and back pain, while my feeling of being sexy, worthy, whole & holy decreases.  Life begins to feel more like a chore than a gift, and suddenly the world is no longer full of enchantment, magic & possibility – it’s simply one big long list of things to do.

In Spring of this year I found myself falling into this pattern.  I decided to create a 21-day challenge to see what would happen if I danced every day and included at least one other sacred, sassy or self-care activity.

100 women from across Canada, USA, Europe and South America participated in the Summer of Love 21-Day challenge.  A global sisterhood formed that shaped and transformed us all.

Here’s what a few of the women had to say:

“Every step of this journey has been important.  I think the collective sharing and the strength it has given my local and now global sisterhood is amazing. This challenge has reconnected me to the earth, my spirituality, and my authentic dance, which I knew was lacking but wasn’t sure how to bring it back into my life”. – Jaime Emond

“I loved the reveal challenge because it allowed me into the quirky worlds of all of you amazing women. I was endeared–I laughed, softened, teared up, sighed. The inspiration to dance daily really impacted me. It meant that everyday, no matter what, I expressed, I moved, and I celebrated myself.” – Leila

“Dearest sisters, today is our last day together and I want to give you thanks for your support, love and courage. I truly believe that all of you are amazing. Thank you Elisha, for give us this opportunity I will keep dance as part of my daily ritual, Love You”– M.A, Barcelona

It takes A LOT of time, energy and creativity from myself and my team (Jade & Opal) to create a 21-day challenge.  We literally put all the beauty, care and magic that we can muster to create an experience that will lead us all back to the feminine within.  We’ve decided to do it again 🙂

Imagine what would happen if for 3 weeks you infused your days with dance, romance, fun, adventure, creativity & sharing?

Here’s a little something get you excited about adding more dance into your life!

Join us for the Fall Back In Love 21-Day challenge.  It’s free, fun and will bring out a range of your feminine qualities <3


What would happen if for 3 weeks you infused each day with 15 min. of dance, music, romance, fun, creativity and sharing (all in a supportive circle of women who are cheering you on)?

Join a global community of women who are coming together to create a
rhythm of romance in their lives.

Are you ready to fall back in love with your life, yourself or significant other?
Challenge begins October 1.