Tuning into the wisdom of your womb

Hello beautiful,

How is your body feeling today? The best way to answer that question is to really take a moment to tune in. Take 3 deep breaths and direct your internal gaze into the miraculous universe inside of your body. Are there parts of your body that are tense, anxious, excited, spacious, sore, relaxed? Your body is alive, and is your [FREE] internal compass guiding you to your greatest fulfillment! If only you could understand her language as she speaks to you!!

Oct 29th newsletter:blog Luscious Belly dancerAs a woman the seat of your divine feminine power is located in your womb. This is not only the place in the body where we create human beings, we also give birth to projects, businesses, ideas and visions. The wisdom & power that is available in your womb can give you great insight on what you need to do to heal, be free of fear, and create the life, relationship and business of your dreams!

Your womb is also the record keeper of all of your life experiences, and is often holding fears and pain or trauma from the past. The fears and past pain can completely stifle the flow of your power – which can result in feeling discouraged about being able to create a fulfilling life, lost or confused about what direction to take, mildly depressed or steadily anxious.

Many women are disconnected from the waist down – due to sexual assault or trauma or simply due to the fact that women’s sexuality has been targeted for millennia and we are seen as unholy, impure and often dirty once we become sexually active. The mere word vagina is almost taboo to say above a whisper.
Yet this is where our power lives, and to fulfill our dreams we need to (re)connect to our womb and vagina beyond childbirth, intercourse and urination. As we tune into our power we begin to feel more sexy, alive and full of vitality. See below for an exercise to help you tap into the wisdom of your womb.

Wisdom from your womb exercise:

1) Go to a quiet comfortable space and begin to send breath into your lower abdomen.
2) Place a hand over the area of your womb below your belly button.
3) Now as you exhale allow any sound to come out…if your womb could make a sound what would she say? How would she express? Is she exhausted, exhilarated, afraid?
4) Close your eyes and imagine there is a wise woman or goddess who has a message for you as you tune your lower abdomen.
5) What message or gift does she bring?
6) Write down any message, wisdom, gift or communication you received.

If you can’t hear anything, try to see if you can get a sense of a feeling as you tune in….joy, sadness, frustration, anger, peace, hurt…etc. The act of acknowledging what is being held in the womb is a powerful first step in (re)connecting to your feminine power. If this blog is calling to you and you feel you are ready to really tap into your wild woman and divine feminine power, I have a special offer for you here.

May you heal into deep relationship with your power as a woman.