The story of how I met the love of my life!

From the time I was a little girl I wanted to find my soul mate. As I grew older I found myself in many long-term relationships looking for ‘the One’. During my Sociology degree I decided that perhaps my yearning for my ‘prince charming’ was based on societal norms, and I forced myself let go of the idea that there was one special relationship waiting for me. As years passed and I listened to my heart and soul I knew that there was a special man who would support and cherish me, who would be my best friend and biggest fan…

Elisha and John in blue in ottawa

Last Spring I decided I was finally ready to meet the love of my life. I had just broken up with a man who wasn’t the one, and I finally got real about doing this thing right. I had helped other clients find their life partner extraordinaire…why couldn’t I do the same for myself?

I busted out my most powerful manifestation tools. Using drumming and dancing, meditation and inner reflection, I began to create a rhythm of romance, calling in my true love. I knew that he would recognize the rhythm of my call, and it would draw him to me.

Fast forward from April to July – I arrive to Afrofest Toronto, one of my favourite festivals in the world. Over 200,000 people gather to soak up contemporary African artists and ancient drum & dance rhythms. I’m immediately invited to dance on stage where the traditional African drumming & dancing is performed. In the same moment an on-duty police officer is patrolling the enormous grounds and sees a woman dancing on stage, who he saw “shining so brightly” he knew he had to meet her.


As I descended the stage, he approached me and said, “Hello.” Looking to strike up a conversation with me. I quickened my step to pass by him and continue on with my fun. (Due to my rebellious teenage years, I associated police officers with memories of running away, as they always found their way to our parties in the forest.)

He later told me, people began to ask him questions, and he lost me in the crowd. However, he took note the sound of the jingly bells I had chosen to wear around my ankles that day…He searched all afternoon and evening for me – feeling he had lost this women who had already captivated his heart.

By the end of the evening he heard the sound of the bells, and followed it to me. This time he waited beside my purse and blanket until I was done dancing. We began talking about women’s empowerment and the medicine of dance, and suddenly I was intrigued and realized this was one very sexy police officer that broke all of my preconceived judgements…!


Fast forward to today, almost one year later. I couldn’t have imagined a love as sweet as this. I didn’t know love could be so divine, so healing, so frickin’ sexy!!! We communicate with ease – even about difficult things. I have a man who meets me in every way, who is always ready to listen to my joy or frustration, who believes in me, who feels so strongly called to bring me joy & pleasure. We know so clearly we are meant to be together for life.

I want that for you too… That’s why I created the Summer of Love 21-day Challenge. I want more women to experience a love like this… and for those women who already have love – this challenge will help you to cultivate love for yourself & life – while adding some dance & sass to your days!

It would be wonderful if you join our group of women from around the world.