Sensual-Power 101

It’s summer in this part of the world, and I am enjoying and indulging in the vibrant colours, fragrant flowers, sweet sounds of birds out my window and the caress of warm humid breezes. It definitely feels like a sensual season, stripping off all the layers of clothes, exposing my skin and playing at festivals.

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What senses has summer awakened or heightened for you?

What would you like to manifest by the end of summer?


About Sensual-Power, and how you can tap into yours…

Sensual-Power 101


What is it?

Your Sensual-Power is the primal energy inside of you, that is activated through the senses or through movement/dance, a connection to nature or the divine, or even relaxation!

Your Sensual-Power is centred in your root & sacral chakras, or lower abdomen and base of your pelvic bowl. You may have experienced it during sexual arousal, a relaxing massage or even during child-birth.

This power lives within you and if you are connected to it, it will help you to attract love, or spice up your current romance, manifest opportunities, improve your health, increase your income, feel radiant & joyful…the list goes on!

How do I tap into it?

There are many ways to activate your Sensual-Power! There are specific movement exercises, breathing techniques, guided meditations and explorations that will help you activate your sexy mojo. A simple place to start is through engaging your senses.

For example, take 5 minutes every day for the next week and massage a high-quality oil or butter on you skin after the shower or before bed, like coconut oil or shea butter. As you massage your body, feel your hands sliding over your skin, release any judgement about what your body looks like and just enjoy the sensation of touching and being touched.

Often times we have cut off connection to our body from the waist down…this can be caused through a traumatic sexual experience or through the social taboos about women & their sensuality & sexuality.

[box] If you are struggling to:

  • Find love
  • Experience romance and passion in your current relationship
  • Earn enough money
  • Feel confident, healthy & strong
  • Make clear decisions
  • Experience joy and love

You are not fully tapping into your Sensual-Power as a woman, but you CAN! [/box]
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I acknowledge the beauty and power in you,

Elisha MacMillan BA Hons, CPCC
Manifest Dance Coach, Sociologist, Speaker & Magic Maker