Classy leopard adjusted webDo crave to feel beautiful and full of vitality?


When was the last time you celebrated yourself as a woman?


Are you ready to access more of your Woman-Power?


You are invited to a special event in your honour…


Women’s Rites of Passage Retreat – September 21, 2014

Join 20 women on a journey of dance & celebration that will (re)connect you to your Power as a Woman. 

Come for a quick getaway on this one-day retreat of nourishment and exploration!!  Move into your beauty and power, guided by ME & fabulous guest facilitator Liz Diaz (read more about us below), and leave feeling whole, powerful and vibrant!

You can choose what milestone in your life you want to celebrate.  When you take the time to honour yourself and your meaningful life transitions, you open to receive the gifts and activate the power that accompany the changes.  You may choose to celebrate your entrance into Womanhood (although it may have been decades ago, it’s not too late to honour your sacred flow!) or perhaps you will celebrate your entrance into menopause and the next phase of the Wise Woman.  It could be that you are celebrating your entrance from Maiden into Motherhood, whether you birthed a child or a business.  Or perhaps you are celebrating overcoming an illness of difficult time in your life.  It is not too late to celebrate your meaningful life transitions as a woman!!!

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    » Release old stuck energy that’s blocking vitality and the flow of your power


    » Dance your way home to the wisdom of your body, and connect to your own divinity


    » Learn an ancient West African initiation dance


    » Enjoy the primal rhythms of live drumming


    » Enjoy a delicious organic lunch, gorgeous pool and natural forest surroundings


gorgeous cake by stacey sAll of our ancestors no matter where in the world we come from honoured major life changes with ritual and ceremony.  When you take the time to honour yourself and your meaningful life transitions, you open to receive the gifts and activate the power that accompany the changes.

I believe that there are many life transitions beyond marriage and death that require ceremony and celebration, and I know that you will feel completely different (empowered, radiant, beautiful, peaceful) after this amazing day together!!!

 We will adorn ourselves with flowers, dance, eat great food, and have an awesome time with other like-hearted women!


If you are reading and feeling excited or (nervous!)  heart flutters or thinking “I am so ready for this”….Sign up now to make sure you get a spot!  We can chat on the phone to see if this retreat is the right fit for you.



EARLY BIRD $197 –  Available until September 1st

Investment $225 All Inclusive

To Register: Call 416-888-0683
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Your facilitators:

About Elisha

ElishaI want to share from my heart to yours, why I am so passionate about working with women.  For starters we have been oppressed for millennia, deemed unequal, controlled, manipulated, abused and silenced. Our bodies, sensuality & sexuality have been targeted, deemed dirty, unholy, or ugly.  Think about it, how loud will you say the word Vagina in conversation.  Or can you say it at all?  It is not a co-incidence that we have been targeted because when we stand in our FULL POWER we are intimidating and a force to be reckoned with.

Now this doesn’t mean we are full-time Amazon warriors or have to be.  Grace and compassion can be just as powerful as the ferocity of a mother protecting her child.   Our subtle sensuality can be an intoxicating force of the divine feminine, that shapes beauty all around us…

The Dalai Lama has that it will be Western Women who FREE THE WORLD.

I believe that as western women we CAN change the world – and it starts in ourselves.  What is the biggest hang-up that blocks women from accessing their full power?  The body & sensuality/sexuality. When you disconnect from your body and your sensuality you disconnect from your full-power as a woman.

For the past 8 years I have been working with women using the sacred art of dance for empowerment, healing and change.  I know what it takes to come back to loving yourself, to heal and repair.  And I know how it feels to not love yourself and feel despair.

I have led movement-based retreats and women’s circles of my own for years, and have been a guest facilitator teaching empowerment through dance with groups such as; York Region Women’s Wellness Circle (, Toronto Women’s Wellness Circle (, Drumming & Earth Medicine Retreat & Sweat Lodge Weekend, Soul Yoga Wellness Retreat Weekend, Girls Inc of York Region, Canadian Mental Health Association, Girl Guides of Canada, Women’s Centre of York Region, Big Heart Dance Camp, Hillside Festival, Toronto District School Board, York Region District School Board, Durham Region District School Board, Kawartha Pine Ridges District School Board.

I am a Certified Professional Life & Business Coach, Sociologist & Dance Educator.  I am a healer, a leader and a lover of life & beauty!  I am a wild free spirit that can never be tamed and I love to manifest, consciously creating the reality of my dreams*

About Liz

LizAfter a deeply awakening trance dance experience in 2011, I was compelled to explore the power of dance as sacred medicine. I was searching for ways to reconnect to the wisdom of my body and this desire lead me to complete my training with Erica Ross’s Dance Our Way Home (DOWH), movement medicine for the feminine soul. During my training I developed a deep passion and joy for creating and facilitating movement journeys.

As a life coach and counselor I was so fascinated with how movement could be used for deeper self-discovery, empowerment, healing and transformation. The more that I danced the more I began to experience major life changes, and more alive that I felt. This newfound modality became part of my spiritual tool kit! Dance was about awakening and expressing the rhythm of my body, heart and soul.

I am a Movement Facilitator, Spiritual Life Coach (, DJ & Founder of Conscious Dance Parties ( I love creating opportunities for you to connect to movement as a tool for self-discovery, empowerment, healing and transformation.

EARLY BIRD $197 – Available until September 1st

Investment $225 All Inclusive

To Register: Call 416-888-0683
or email:


Upcoming Retreats: Costa Rica April 4-11 2015 – at Blue Spirit Retreat Centre
Details and registration open June 1st!  Info will be posted under retreats

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