New moon: Shedding the old and rising to new heights

Happy new moon beloved!

Today the planets and energies are aligned to help us shed the old so that we can regenerate our health and step into more of our power. Scorpio is a water sign of death, rebirth, healing and transformation. Snake also represents the rise of our kundalini energy, or power to create.

What is it that you want to create in your life?
What stuck energy (ie. limiting beliefs/self-defeating habits/old pain) need to be shed in order to for you to rise?

If you had millions of dollars, how would you spend your time?

It can be so easy to become entangled with fear (believe me, I’ve had times in my life where fear kept me playing small). The web of fear, old pain and doubts can literally crush your dreams. Do you feel some deep sense of lack – like there is never enough time, money, clients? Or maybe your fears create a false veil of ‘confusion’ so that you’re never sure what the next steps are to success.

After 8 years of entrepreneurship, I know that I create my reality. 100%. I’ve worked my butt off for the past 14 years to learn how to dance through fear, uncover unconscious beliefs that were sabotaging my life & biz, and heal wounds of past trauma with deep forgiveness. I know that your dreams can come true. I know that you can make it happen with your unique gifts and talents (you don’t need to win the lottery).

It’s important to me that your dreams come true. Why? Because I know that the world needs you and your big dreams.

I’ve invested over $30,000 in coaching, $20,000 in trips to and from West Africa studying ancient dance and have spent hundreds of hours practicing meditation, yoga and dance medicine. I’ve attended conferences and retreats around the globe to better understand the sacred feminine, and my role as a healer and “light-worker.”

I want to make the tools that I’ve paid thousands for – available to you today [@ Manifest Inner Circle] for less than $50. BOOM!!

The Manifest Dance Inner Circle is an online sanctuary for women I’ve created – it’s chalk full of downloadable goodies!! The resources in the Manifest Dance Inner Circle online sanctuary will support you with tending to your creative & sensual fires, while also providing practical tools for cleansing, healing and manifestation.

Click here to see what’s included: my top-selling online courses, guided visualizations and even a collage workbook made by me! (ie. a bundle of love from moi!) I’ll also be uploading webinars monthly, and it’s all accessible in one gorgeous hub.

The birth of this membership site is me playing big, living my life purpose and offering women like you the tools that brought me from working at cafes and struggling as an artist, to creating the business of my dreams (supported by a team who I adore). These tools helped me change who I attracted (ie. men who wouldn’t commit, or would cheat on me) to calling in the love of my life.

I value having you on this journey with me. Thank you for dancing with me, witnessing my words of the heart, and investing time in your personal growth & evolution. If you feel called to rise to new heights, I want to offer you the tools to help you spread your wings and fly. Click here to register (and see the details of all that’s included).

PS. I have to be honest, I love collage and I’m proud of the workbook I made. I look forward to relaxing in the bath tonight and continuing to fill mine out for myself!

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