Class #1 – The Medicine of Breath & Sound

• Stimulate creative sexual energy
• Clear stagnant energy
• Transform feelings of fear, sadness, anger, jealously, anxiety, self-doubt into peace & vitality

After Class # 1 you will feel more energetic, more sensual and your ability to manifest love, happiness, health, opportunity, will increase. 

VIDEO TIME: 1 hour


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You will get out of this program, what you put into it.

We have 2 gorgeous exercises to practice over the next week:

1) Awakening Your Vagina (with or without sound)

Take the time to connect with her, and the wealth of intelligence that lives in your womb
first think in the morning in bed, or in the shower, using breath and sound.

2) Clearing Stagnant Energy exercise

Using breath in combination with colour & light to acknowledge
and shift feelings of fear, anger, jealousy, anxiety, self-doubt, confusion, overwhelm, sadness.


The book I mentioned was, “Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power & Healing” by Caroline Myss.

And here are the 3 songs that I love to dance to.
They are quick & fun medicine to go from feeling crappy to great,
or to acknowledge my struggle & strength.

1) ‘Burn’, by Ellie Golding

2) ‘La Boca’ by Alejandra Ribera

3) 'Heart Beat' by Zaki Ibrahim