An Online Course to Guide You Through Transformation and Change

Do you feel called to live in a way that’s more aligned with your spirit?

Perhaps you’ve gained some clarity about your soul purpose, or know deep inside that you can manifest something you truly desire. Often a new dream, ‘aha’ moment, or heart-centred goal is accompanied by a rush of enthusiasm. This micro-burst of energy may inspire action or incremental change.

What 2 things would you do if you had no fear?

1.____________             2.____________

It can be challenging to make lasting changes that propel you in the direction of your dreams and desires. The natural thing to do when faced with fears that stand between you and your goal is to glide back into old patterns (that needlessly hold you back).

Albert Einstein said,

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking
we used when we created them.”

Are you ready to dissolve old habits that needlessly hold you back?

I invite you to join me for an online course that guides you in making a shift to support the next phase of your evolution.  How would it feel to shed old stories and stagnant beliefs that hold you back?  What would be possible?

This course is divided into 4 one-hour classes:


During this module we’ll look at our current lives from an eagle-perspective. What patterns and habits are in alignment with your dreams and goals? What are the automatic behaviours or thoughts that cloud your inner knowing? I’ll share tools to support you in witnessing unconscious patterns. You’ll also experience a guided visualization to help bring clarity with what you’re shifting into.


I remember the day I decided that I was DONE with working for other people.  I meant it with my whole body, mind & spirit.  The next day was told about a government grant for aspiring entrepreneurs.  I applied, was accepted into the program and never looked back. Deciding takes fierce trust, courage and unwavering focus.  In this module you'll learn movement tools to support your activation of those energies.


In this module I'll share techniques to support you in learning from your body as she speaks to you.  Through her feelings and responses you can observe your patterns and continue to discern what's in alignment and what's not.  We'll also explore ways to incorporate more conscious communication between yourself and the wisdom in your body in your everyday life.  Your body is an incredible compass who can guide you.


While doing deep inner work, stretching and growing, it's important to play!  When you're connected to your curiosity, sense of humour and the magic of possibility, life is more fun.  In this module you'll learn tools to keep old energies moving, while you cultivate a new way of Dancing with Life.   We'll also explore simple ways to infuse play, magic and laughter into your daily life.  In this state you can more easily shift old patterns and embody the new vibration.

Do you feel a 9/10 or 10/10 commitment to the process of shifting?

If  you answered 'yes', please keep reading.  If you're  commitment is 8/10 or less, this is not the program for you.

In order to give you extra support with this process,

I’m gifting you a bonus 30-min private coaching call with me when you register.

You can use this session at any time during our online course. You may need support with locating unconscious patterns that act as a veil to your clarity or steer you towards fear/doubt. You may choose to use our session to help embody a FIRM decision or to hear embodied wisdom longing to guide you in the process.

Are you ready to make the shift that’s been in your heart and on your mind?

All sessions are recorded and available to view on Vimeo.
Modules will be sent to your email once a week.

Investment: $275