Our group will open again for new members in  June 2014.

SAVE THE DATE: Join us on June 26th 7-9:30pm or June 29th 1-4pm  (near Newmarket, ON). 


Elisha-blue scarf

Are you tired of breaking promises to yourself about your health & fitness?


Do you want to really commit to your body and yourself this time?


Are you ready to increase your energy and experience your full vitality?


Do you love to dance???!


What if you could join a sisterhood of women in the same position, ready for change!

Imagine that there was a simple way to start eating better, stretching & strengthening your body and creating an easy to follow routine – that left you feeling happy, strong, healthy & empowered.  What would it feel like to be supported by like-minded women who were alongside you in the journey to improved health, fitness and ready for FUN?

AND to top it off, you were guaranteed to dance & sweat to awesome live drumming every month!


Sound good?


Peach-and-Pineapple-SmoothieJoin the club. The Luscious Dancer Club, that is.

Yep. Starting in January our vibrant group will embark on a delicious 12-month adventure of dance and radical change (in small increments that fit nicely into your schedule and life!)


Because it doesn’t have to be hard to create the changes you want. But it does have to be FUN! And it helps to have a group of sisters cheering you on! AND a group of drummers groovin’ you on!

The Luscious Dancer Club is not open for drop-ins. All women who are in this program have matched you in your commitment to one year of getting to your ideal health. Will you experience failure somewhere along the way, most likely. Will you experience awesome successes, absolutely. Will you emerge triumphant? That’s up to you.

My promise to you is:

To create the best conditions possible to turn-you-on to follow this program through. Arousing and awakening the power, strength and determination that is already within you. Yep. You already have everything you need to make the changes you desire in your life and your body. You just need the right conditions to wake the sleeping lioness within, or maybe it’s a dragon.

Elisha-luscious dancer

Oh ya, AND….

* You will learn sacred dances from West Africa that I spent tens of thousands of dollars and hours to study, learn & perform, while living on and off in Africa and performing & touring with African artists across Canada and the world.

Membership to the Luscious Dancer Club includes:

  • One Live 3-hour dance event/month
  • One 45 min one-on-one coaching call with Elisha
  • Recorded video of each dance we learn
  • Monthly drop-in studio hours
  • Learn 3-simple exercises/stretches each month for optimal strength & flexibility
  • Learn 3 super easy, super healthy quick recipes each month
  • Private facebook group, and accountability buddy
  • Mega cele-friggin-bration dance jam in December 2014


Dancer spinning-Diane

Are you ready to leap?

Join our club.


Going to miss our live dance event one month?
No problem there will be a make-up Live Dance Event during the year so you can catch up on what you missed!