Manifest Dance Inner Circle

An online sanctuary for women

Fall is a time to go inward and bravely face fears, evolve old beliefs and change the choreography of habits that don’t make you feel good.

When you have the right tools you can make great compost, transforming old frustration, hurt, self-doubt & fear into some rockin’ steamin’ poop!  

(That poop sure does make great compost for manifesting come Spring time.)

Over the years I’ve created tools that have helped women around the world cultivate fertile soil and manifest dreams come true.  I want to offer these tools to you, in appreciation and gratitude.

I value having you on this journey with me. Thank you for dancing with me, witnessing my words of the heart, and investing time in your personal growth & evolution.  For one week only, I’m offering you access to the Manifest Dance Inner Circle for only $45.
(The value of this bundle of goodness is $225)

When you register you’ll have a membership ID that gives you access to downloads of all of the below courses and goodies!

Do you desire to deepen into the feminine, dance through challenges and experience uplifting change?

Manifest Inner Circle Includes:

Wild Woman Medicine Online Course   [Value $97]

Creating a Foundation for Love Online Course   [Value $97]

5 Guided Visualizations: Ultimate Health, Removing Money Blocks, Calling in True Love, Awakening the Goddess Within and Tending Your Inner Fire   [Value $20]

Makin’ My Wildest Dreams Come True Collage Workbook   [Value $15]

Private Facebook group with women around the world celebrating, supporting and sharing art, ideas, music and dance   [Value Priceless]

Total Value = $225

YOUR Exclusive Discount of 80%


Will you join us on this journey?

Wild Woman Medicine Online Course   [Value of $97]

The Wild Woman Medicine online course will help you:

• Make clear decisions that lead to your fulfillment
• Feel sensual & alive so you can thrive in your daily life
• Connect with your power to manifest
• Discover simple exercises to deepen your relationship to your body and the primordial woman within
• Harmonize your intentions, work & creativity with the rhythms of the Earth/Moon for optimal manifestation

Inside of you lives an ancient primordial woman…
She has lived in caves, survived harsh environments, fought beasts to protect her young, and felt the sensuality of love and passion course through her body. When you connect with her, you’re connecting to your power, your deep inner-knowing, endless creativity and vision, your ability to say No….

When you say Yes to her you are befriending an oracle, a creator, a muse, a joy-filled dancer, a listener & friend who knows what your next best move is in your relationships, business, love, life… She can guide you step by step in manifesting the life of your dreams.

Class #1 – The Medicine of Breath & Sound
Class #2 – Root Chakra Activation
Class #3 – Your Amazing Vagina
Class #4 – Sacral Chakra & the Divine Feminine
Class #5 – Embracing your Divinity
Class #6 – Dancing Wild Woman Warrior

Creating A Foundation For Love Online Course   [Value of $97]

If you’re ready to find true love but find yourself attracting unfulfilling or unhealthy relationships, it’s time to do something different. You can totally have that juicy, passionate, wholesome, safe, loving, fun and nourishing relationship you crave.

Download this 4-module course to undo old patterns that yield the same results. It’s time for true love.

In module 1 we will explore what old energies and experiences from the past can block us from attracting true love here and now. You will learn 4 tools that will support you to clear away stuck energy, creating an open space to receive love.

In module 2 you will discover why making “the list” (of all the things you want in a partner) can steer you in the wrong direction. During this call you will learn how to align your heart’s desires with your whole body creating a magnetic field to attract “the One”.

In module 3 you’ll learn why your unpleasant or unsatisfying dating experiences (present or past) are gold, as they reveal the exact next steps to meeting the love of your life.

In module 4 we will play with ways to side-step any cynical, doubting inner-voices that are plugging your potential for love. You will learn how to dance towards love with the full belief that you can and will find “the One” you are searching for.

Guided Visualizations   [Value of $20]

This holistic collection of visualizations will help you to clear stuck energy and create new rhythms that support you to thrive.  As you align your heart-felt intentions with your body and soul essence, fear dissolves enabling you to call in the love, money or opportunities that you desire.

Ultimate Health - Chronic pain, tension and illness are all signs of stagnant energy that’s stuck in the body.  This 14min. guided visualization will help you to gently move old energies and refresh your body with vital life force energy.  Take the time now to feel refreshed, peaceful, healthy and strong.

Removing Money Blocks - If you’re experiencing lack in any area of your life, you likely have old/unconscious beliefs about money that are holding you back, or keeping you stuck in the same patterns.  This 12 min guided visualization will help you to clear money blocks that are stopping you from living the life of your dreams.

Calling in True Love -  You have the ability to attract the love of your life and experience a deeply fulfilling, wholesome and loving relationship.  This 12 min. guided visualization will help you to exude a rhythm that will call in your true love.  I did it, you can too!!

Awakening The Goddess Within - Inside of you is a wise woman who knows her strength and her worth.  She is your essence or higher self, and she’s connected to the divine in all things.  She exudes love and beauty, and has the answers to any question you might have.  Connect with her during this 14 min. guided visualization and receive loving guidance & support.

Tending Your Inner Fire - Anxiety, overwhelm, stress and crankiness are often signs that we have neglected to give ourselves sufficient loving care, while continue to expend our energy elsewhere.  This 12 min. guided visualization will give you the time out you need, leaving you feeling centred and in the flow.

Makin’ My Wildest Dreams Come True: Collage Workbook   [Value of $11]

If you want to thrive and create a life that you love, it’s ESSENTIAL to take time out and get clear. This workbook will guide you in a manifestation process that will help you to actualize your wild dreams and heart-felt desires.

Manifest Dance Inner Circle

An online sanctuary for women

The resources in the Manifest Dance online sanctuary will support you with tending to your creative & sensual fires, while also providing practical tools for cleansing, healing and manifestation. May you experience the wonder-full benefits of taking the time to nourish your body and cultivate love.

Women around the world are making small changes in their daily lives that have a big impact on how they feel every day.

Will you continue the journey towards more balanced, fulfilling days with a group of awesome women cheering you on?

Total Value = $225

YOUR Exclusive Discount of 80%


Will you join us on this journey?