I’m coming out of the closet

Do you have any secret gifts, or talents that you keep to yourself?

One of the secrets I’ve held in until now is my ability to hear angels, guides, ancestors and those of the unseen realms. To be honest this ability was even a secret from my own self!! When I was I child I could see ghosts and those of the spirit realm. It was terrifying! The fear closed my ability to hear and see (as fear often does in our lives).

Фантазия. Акварель, монотипия.

My gift only resurfaced a few years ago as I was working with coaching clients and various relatives would come to me with messages and support for their daughter/granddaughter etc. I knew the voices I was hearing in my head were real because I would say the person’s name and my client would be shocked…the accompanying message would often bring tears because they knew this was in fact their loved one.

The more I trusted my gift, the more I could hear and see. Angels, goddesses, guides, spirit totem animals…

I believe that my dedication to clearing out old fears & pain over the past decade and my commitment to a life-style of meditation, ancient dance, energy work and re-claiming my magic and my power re-opened a door that was once firmly shut.

What powers and gifts are you hiding in your closet?

We all have unique abilities and special gifts. If you don’t know what they are, you can ask for help in discovering what they are from what I call your “unseen team”.

When you engage with your unseen team, ask for help and support, and listen for their guidance, life and goals manifest more swiftly and with much greater ease.

Do you have a sense of connection to any loved ones, people or pets who are now in spirit?

Do you know any of your angels and guides?

I invite you to join me for a free webinar (click here and don’t worry: if you can’t make it live, you will receive the replay in your Inbox) where I will guide you in connecting to your angels & guides, and share with you how you can welcome their love and support into your life to help you feel joy, experience success in your career or biz as well as helping you with little things like finding your car keys or a parking spot! ):