How to weave your future goals into the present

Hello Radiant Beauty!

Here in Canada, Fall has arrived. The leaves are changing to yellow, orange and red and it’s a time of transformation and change. Fall always seems like the beginning of the year to me, and I love to create my one-year vision for myself and Manifest Dance before my birthday in October.

In fact I have a tradition of making myself a giant magic manifestation birthday card, that plants the seeds for the known and unknown things that will unfold over the year. (See pic below for last years!)

Manifestation Birthday Card 2013_14

I use a combination of conscious intention (what I know I want to happen) and intuition to create my birthday vision board. It’s not surprising that later in the year I felt a strong call to work with women and their sensuality!!! This board has so much sensuality in it. In May of this year my Spring Women’s Sensuality Retreat was sold out, full to capacity! I was also asked to star in a short documentary about beauty and sensuality (will be out in January 2015).

Last month I was invited last month by someone I had just met to facilitate at her Journey to Freedom Retreat (Oct 24-26). In this special retreat women work with horses throughout the 3-day journey to heal old wounds and connect to their joy, power & beauty. Check out this part of the board with the horses Halloween pumpkins, woman with monarch butterfly (representing transformation):

Journey to Freedom Retreat

I would love to share more with you about the process of weaving your future dreams into the present. It goes beyond the vision board.

In my FREE webinar Weave Your Future Golden on October 23 @ noon, I will share with you the top 5 ways to call in and attract the opportunities and circumstances that will lead to your greater bliss and ultimate fulfillment.

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