How Self-Care Impacts Your Success

I am writing to you from a cozy spot on Gatineau Provincial park in Quebec.

This month my body has been speaking loudly to me…

I hadn’t had a cold for almost 2 years- and I only get sick when I’m not getting enough rest and self-care.  I had a cold that kept coming back.  I knew I needed a break and I needed it soon.



Our body is constantly speaking to us, and pain and illness are often a final cry for more rest & play.

I worked my schedule out so I could take a 10-day road trip.  Today is day 5.  I’ve gotten lots of sleep, hiked in the forest, danced in clubs, meditated  in the sun and read fiction!

Taking time for self-care is essential to your success in your business/career, love life, health & vitality and ultimately for your fulfillment.[/ezcol_1half_end]

If you’re not giving yourself the care & nourishment you need, it can result in lack of energy & joy, struggling to get clients or a promotion, pain, injury or illness, low sex-drive, mild depression or anxiety, a feeling of dissatisfaction or confusion.

See below for my top 5 easy self-care tips you can start today and access your ability to radiate joy, attract opportunities and manifest powerfully.

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My Top 5 Self-Care Tips:

1) Touch yourself.  This one is so simple.  All you need is some high-quality coconut, almond, sesame or jojoba oil.  When you get out of the shower take 5 minutes to massage oil into your whole body – acknowledging the magnificence of your body.  (If you find it hard or uncomfortable to touch yourself contact me for your complimentary 30 min ‘Moving Deeper’ phone session)

2) Create your sacred ritual

Whether you meditate for 30 minutes in the morning, do yoga, say prayers, or relax and savour a coffee or tea, having a daily ritual of 15 – 30 minutes will give you the time and space to be present and connect to yourself.  This is soul nourishment and it’s powerful in connecting you to a sense of purpose, joy, sensuality and power.

3) Dance!

I always come back to dance because it’s my favourite medicine,  but you could also substitute this with a run, bike ride, or walk in the forest.  Our bodies were created to move and the endorphins and other chemical reactions that are stimulated create feelings of happiness.  Movement is also a powerful way to shift stuck emotions.  I recommend a mid-day playlist of 3 songs you love to dance to.  When you take a break to dance you will feel more energized and radiant immediately after.

4) Eat more greens.

There is so much goodness in organic spinach, kale, Swiss chard, arugula etc.  A big dose of vitamins and minerals is a great easy way to tell your body “I love you”.  In my basic morning smoothie I put 2 1/2 cups of greens, homemade nut milk, a banana, cinnamon, and almond butter.  It’s delicious and gives me a great start to the day.  Another way to up the greens is to make a giant salad for lunch or dinner every day.

5) Rest & Relaxation

Taking time to be in the present moment, free of the underlying (anxious) current of ‘things to do’ is part of healthy living.  When we are constantly on the go we are leaning heavily into your divine masculine energy.  This needs to be balanced with time for BEING, which is part of your divine feminine energy.  The divine feminine is where we locate our ability to manifest powerfully with ease.  You may be surprised that you can accomplish greater success in your biz/career, love life, family life and financial abundance when you take more time to rest and relax.

May you be surrounded by beauty & opportunity!

Love, Elisha