How I ended up back stage in Michael Franti’s trailer

Hello sweetness,

Have you ever had a dream that was so clear, that you wanted with your whole heart and soul?

I had a dream that was born a few months ago… Through the beautiful intricacy of synchronicity Michael Franti came on my radar. You know that way that we get messages from the universe when things start showing up in patterns?

I realized we would be performing at the same festival during his world tour, and began to plant my seeds of intention. Michael Franti is an artist who I’ve greatly respected over the years, who’s music brings messages of unity, oneness, love and also draws attention to political issues that need to be addressed.

[Check out 2 of my favourite songs of his Hello Bonjour and Once a Day.]

My intention was to dance onstage with Michael for one of his songs. I could see it so clearly, and I even had a beautifully edited 5 min. video proposal loaded up on my ipad ready to share with him!!

On the way to the festival I got stuck in rush hour traffic, and realized I would have to surrender to what was meant to be. I didn’t know if he would be backstage by the time I got there or if I’d be able to find him. I had a plan to write on a card “I have a dream, do you have 5 minutes?” and pass it to him in silence.

By the time I got to the festival I needed to still set up my tent before it got dark. Again I needed to trust that if this connection was meant to be it would unfold no matter what… I knew it would be foolish to rush around and get panicked.

Ready with my sparkly markers I walked into the festival and sat down to create my card. I made myself comfy and when I looked up in front of me was Michael Franti standing with his back to me beside his tour manager.

Manifestation in action!!! I sat still and silent not knowing if I should look down and write the card or watch him. I kept my eyes locked on him and they both turned and began to walk towards me. I maintained eye contact and finally his tour manager said, “Hey! How’s it going?” This was the window. I got up and strolled over, said my greetings and asked, “Michael, do you have 5 minutes, I created a video…” He said that he wasn’t able to watch it now, but he would give me his personal email address to send it to him. He asked, “Do you want to walk with us?”

This invitation turned into an all night hang out with Michael and the band. We found a ball and played soccer games back stage, we stood talking, sharing and laughing for a few hours. After his performance he invited me to come into their trailer and we laughed and snacked. I realized that what was underlying my intention to dance on stage with Michael was actually a desire to connect and acknowledge his work of bringing great love, light and insight to the world.

That night was not the end of our connection and conversation however… you will be the first to hear my announcement next Wednesday.

Wishing you a week of manifestation, meaning and miracles,

Elisha Signature_red