How I came to play with a baby tiger last week… [pics inside]

Hello Fabulous,

I had an incredible surprise last week!! John (aka the love of my life) announced that we had a play date with a baby tiger!

During the past 3 weeks I have become captivated by videos of big cats who have a connection to humans. I shared a few of the videos with John one night, and a few days later he was talking to a friend who mentioned he and his daughter had been playing with baby tigers! It never ceases to amaze me how in sync John and I are.

Elisha and Sahara looking down

And yet that is exactly what happens when you have a spiritual partner. When you call in that person who aligns with you at each chakra/on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes – they become aligned with your life purpose and your vision. Your partner begins to attract opportunities that are a response to your desires.

Since we met, both of our businesses have moved to the next level of visibility, income, and new opportunities. (John is a police officer, AND also has a successful business doing photography/video and computer programming to create online trainings).

Finding your spiritual partner accelerates your ability to manifest.

John openly says that his purpose is to help me fulfill my purpose. Yes he has meaningful work that he enjoys, and a business that satisfies both the creative and analytical parts of him, however the driving force behind all of that is to support me in doing the work that we both believe contributes to changing the world.

Love changes the world. Finding true love changes everything.

If you desire a loving partner who can grow alongside you, and support you in your spiritual journey – join us for this free 60 min webinar where you will learn how to call in your spiritual partner.

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May you have a life filled with love, and know that you are loved,