Do you ever wonder why some women are able to attract amazing opportunities, deeply fulfilling relationships, have successful businesses or careers, and flow through life with abundant finances, a bounce in their step and a smile on their face?


I’m here to tell you that you CAN have the love, financial freedom, fulfilling career or thriving business that your heart desires. It’s actually really simple! You just need to clear the stuck energy that is blocking the flow of abundance, and impeding the flow of your power.


Dear beloved, you have the ability to bring life, birth babies, projects, businesses, dreams…. Do you see the power that lives inside of you? You can tap into this energy at any time and consciously use it to manifest the life of your dreams.

When your wild river of creative life-force energy is free to flow through your body, you will feel full of vitality, joy, radiance, optimism, and harmony. Your body shifts and suddenly you feel younger and you experience ultimate health. You flow through life with opportunities arriving at your doorstep, synchronicities galore and clarity about what the next step is for more money, love, clients, fulfillment…


Imagine having the financial freedom to travel where you crave to visit, pay your bills with ease and invest in people and products you believe in. What would it feel like to be free from fear, having the solid trust that that you are forever supported by the flow of abundance and a loving universe… How would it feel to finally find true love?

The great news is you can have this,
you deserve it and it’s about time!
But how do you know where your energy is stuck,
and what’s keeping it stuck?
That’s where I come in…

I know how to get you unstuck, and I can see where energy is blocking the flow of your power. I know what ancient dance moves to prescribe to keep your energy flowing powerfully, and I will teach you the process of manifestation, consciously using your power to create the life of your dreams.

Contact me to schedule your complimentary 30 min. Body Breakthrough Session, to discover where in your body you’re holding stuck energy, blocking the flow of your Woman-Power.

And now a bit about…


All of our ancestors used dance for manifestation, whether they were manifesting an abundant harvest, rain, protection or healing. In many cultures these dances are no longer passed on, although some cultures still use dance in this way.

As a Sociologist I have travelled the world studying traditional dances, living in Mexico, Brazil and eventually in Ethiopia, Mali, and Guinea, West Africa. I have performed these dances with African artists, touring nationally and internationally.

I would love to share with you what I have learned…

I acknowledge the beauty and power in you,

Elisha MacMillan BA Hons, CPCC
Manifest Dance Coach, Sociologist, Speaker & Magic Maker