Get your sexy back [+ free virtual gathering tomorrow]

Good day wonderous,

Can you do something for me? Think back to a time where you felt fully present and alive, the feeling of freedom and excitement pulsing in your body, confident and care-free, your life was flowing and unfolding with ease and delight.

Sexy young woman on boat in the tropics

If you were able to connect with a memory – you know its possible to be in the beautiful flow of life & love, and you know how darn sexy it feels….if you can’t remember a time when you felt that way – there’s still hope!

Cultivating a sensual relationship with life (through our senses) can make us feel sexy, confident and filled with gratitude for the beauty of life – in all it’s challenge & splendour. We can also feel the nourishment and support from the fabric of divine love that surrounds us, that is also very fabric of our being.

From this place – life opens and embraces us as we fearlessly trust that our heart’s desires will come to fruition.

Tomorrow I will be co-hosting a Wild Sacred Sexy women’s gathering with Sora Surya No. I will be giving away my top tips on how to create a sensual relationship with life that will open doors for you and get you back in the flow!

I would love to have you on the call with us (you can join by clicking here). You will leave the call feeling sexy & divine, with tools to keep the good vibes rolling!

[If you are unable to attend live – no worries! Once you register you will receive a replay of our call – whether or not you are able to attend]

So much love,

PS. I have some exciting news, and big change coming in my world and my biz!!! Can’t wait to share next week!