Discover your Inner Compass (Video)

Are you curious to know how to access wisdom held in your body?

Imagine being connected to a resource that knows how to guide you to more love, opportunity and vitality…

Your body is completely aligned with your life purpose and knows how guide you to exquisite success, ultimate fulfillment and balanced health. Like a built-in compass your body is communicating with you every day to help you make decisions leading to your greatest joy.

  • Learn how to make clear decisions that you know are leading to your success & happiness
  • Experience a guided visualization that will reveal deep wisdom from within
  • Understand the unique language of your body and discover what it’s saying
  • Leave feeling uplifted with a new sense of clarity & presence

On Monday I took the day to sit and listen to my body and her wisdom. I kept seeing the number 50, and as I listened more deeply she said,

“Women need the tools that you’re sharing.
We’re at a critical time on Earth, and it’s important that women remember how to hear the wisdom of their bodies to make decisions that are for their highest and greatest good. Make your upcoming workshop accessible to more women”.

The Discovering Your Inner Compass dance workshop (Toronto) is available at an early bird rate of $50.

We will be in the gorgeous Dance Makers loft studio, with sprung floors, floor to ceiling windows and no mirrors. Fall is a time to go within. Come and join us for a warm & cozy experience and leave with new insights and wisdom (from your own body).
Ticket includes light snacks and refreshments