ElishaFeeling ready to move into the flow of abundance and the rhythm of manifestation? 


» Have already begun a beautiful journey of self-awareness and personal growth
» Are craving the feeling of joy and zest for life
» Are seeking balance between work & play
» Are ready to reach greater heights & success with your business, with less effort
» Are motivated to take the canvas of your life and create it in beauty exactly as you want it
» Love to dance and are ready to explore movement & dance in new ways


» I am ready to teach you how to manifest, and guide you in cultivating your power.  I get mega fulfillment from experiencing your growth, healing, success and over-the-moon happiness.  I am motivated by my belief that to heal our world women need to rise up and stand in their beauty & power.  When we move through the world with grace & flow we connect with the divine feminine.


We are gonna make magic baby!  We enter the rhythm of life together and we create, recreate, dance like crazy, vision, plan, dream, clear…  You will leave our calls feeling the resonance of peace, clarity and joy- with action steps and support the whole way.

Let’s dance.



In this 4-hour in person session with Elisha you will experience deep and instant transformation, emerging a new woman – with a plan AND with the vibrant energy to carry it out!

VIP Day Includes:

  • Body Rhythm Programming – we will reprogram any fear, doubt, anxiety or blocked energy into a rhythm of flow, ease & abundance
  • Learn personalized tools for the sacred practice of manifestation
  • Healing, clearing, revitalization…what you need is what you will get!
  • Personalized sacred dance
  • 30 days of follow-up email coaching access
  • 2 one-hour follow up 1-On-1 coaching calls with Elisha
  • A luxurious experience chez moi in my super healing studio overlooking the serene forest of Fairy Lake.

For more info or to transform NOW! Contact:
416-888-0683 or info@manifestdance.com



In this 4-month program you will learn how to tap into your divine feminine power and create the rhythms & outcomes you want in your life and in your business.

Program Includes:

  • 7 45-min 1-On-1 interactive coaching calls with Elisha (2 per month including discovery consultation)
  • 1 one hour Discovery Exploration Call (discover where you’re at with your life and where you want to go)
  • Personalized sacred dance – made just for you !
  • Healing dance movement video sent by email 2x per month
  • Customized Sacred Schedule (for your balance, success & bliss)
  •  Access to over 10 years of knowledge from my soul growth journey
    » mantras, meditations, stretches, guided visualizations, books – I’ll bring just what you need when you need it

For more info or to jump on board! Contact:
416-888-0683 or info@manifestdance.com



In this 90-day intensive program we will focus on creating the body you love.  Your body is your temple – how you treat your body affects your energy and how you feel. Dance off excess weight, reduce aches & pains and strengthen your body.  Look & feel radiant!

Program Includes:

  • 8 30-min 1-On-1 movement coaching calls with Elisha
  • 1 one hour Discovery Exploration Call (discover where you’re at and where you want to go)
  • 1 Customized FUN Dance Exercise Schedule
  • 1 Customized Sacred Nutrition Plan
  • Weekly Videos to dance along to
  • Access to my lifetime experience of movement & body care knowledge
    » stretches, exercises, guided visualizations, mantras, meditations, books – I’ll bring just what you need when you need it

For more info or to start radiating now! Contact:
416-888-0683 or info@manifestdance.com