free online dance event - Thurs. Feb 24 @ 7pm EDT

Commune with the Earth of your body. Dance in community.

This gathering offers sacred space to move and feel, pause and listen.

Dance medicine melds mindfulness, body listening and juicy tunes. The thinking mind is given the task of curiosity about what sensations and movements feel good, moment by moment.

Movement can help us to unravel pain and stuckness. We'll track how dance medicine is affecting physical tension or discomfort. There will be moments of pause with breath, and space to listen and reflect. Bring your journal. Come as you are!

Dance can happen in a chair. Dance can be tiny movements. Dance can be butt-shaking, hair flying or crawling on the ground.

Dance is a potent medicine that can support us to navigate challenge and change, align with our deepest knowing and nourish who we are becoming.


a few things to note:

there will be opportunity to share in circle
video off as you need
wear comfy clothes
bring water
pen and a journal
invite a friend?

Shall we dance?

Dance Medicine Open House
Ages 14 + All genders welcome

There is no cost for this event. We will gather from 7-8pm EDT. Click below to reserve your spot! You'll receive the Zoom link to join the event 24 hours in advance. Event recording will be emailed within 24 hours. I look forward to dancing with you...

This event offers a taste of the upcoming, Deepening with Dance Medicine: (Re)turning to body in tumultuous times online course, an invitation to folks who: are curious about deepening relationship with the Earth of their body, enjoy rhythm and movement, feel stuck and ready to try something new or ready to give their body wisdom more say in making life decisions.

This gorgeous photo by: Gregory Colbert

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