Born Through Fire – how to transform pain into fuel for your passions

I know you have experienced pain in your life….I know you may have even experienced deep grief or trauma that still brings tears to your eyes.

What happened to that pain?  Does it still live in your body as grief? Did you heal it or transform it into fuel for your passion?

pearl in the shell

Recently I read something about oysters that really inspired me.  I learned that when an oyster is agitated by a grain of sand or parasite, it begins to wrap what is causing discomfort in pearlescent material, creating layer upon layer until the irritant is transformed into something beautiful.

You too can transform your pain into beauty.

Click here to find out how I transformed my deepest wound into fuel for my passion, in my interview with Kaly McKenna.


Born Through Fire is a weekly podcast that shares real stories of people who have experienced difficult life challenges and have evolved beyond the pain and suffering to embrace a life full of joy, love and triumphant success. They have been Born Through Fire and want to share with you the triumph of the human spirit.

Podcast host, Kaly McKenna is a pilot, veteran, MBA and multi passionate entrepreneur who is connecting the world to soul-centered healing. She is the co-creator of one amazing son.