Activating your wild, sacred, sexy self!

It is so common for us as women to feel less than sexy and beautiful, no matter what our age, size or shape. Not only that, we often suppress the wild sacred sexy woman inside, silencing her with the over-powering thoughts of I’m not __________ enough or quieting her because we don’t want to intimidate others or be judged.

You have a radiant goddess inside who is sensual, free to express both her anger and her joy and she knows that YOU are divine, sacred, whole, holy and pure.

shaman woman

I would love for you to join us for a special gathering where we embrace and embody our wild, sacred and sexy side. During this hour-long gathering you will get to connect with sisters around the world, explore feminine practices, slow down time and feel nourished, and learn a few techniques to evoke your wild, sexy, free playful spirit.

Wild Sacred Sexy Gathering

Wednesday, November 19th at 9pm est

We begin from birthing the divine feminine.
We invite back all colors and senses into your life.
We honor the elements of air, water, fire and earth in ceremony
We play with our wild, sexy, free, playful spirit.
We honor our spirit by joining together in a circle of women.