7 Ways to Dance Through Your Day [VIDEO]

Do you dance through your day or drag yourself through?

Imagine that you are 80 years old looking back on your life.  What would you have done differently?  Would you have made time for lingering bedtime kisses or leisurely baths with a book?  Would you have enjoyed your healthy body rather than criticize it’s (perfect) imperfections? 

During this webinar we will explore how to bring the fun, beauty and wonder back into your every day (while also managing your full schedule).  In 60 min. you will learn 7 simple techniques that will help you to experience a greater sense of joy and satisfaction in your everyday life.  When you take the time to implement mini-feel good rituals into your day you begin to remember the sacredness within and all around you.

It’s time to create the life that you will look back on and simply smile.

Right Click Here and ‘save as’ for the MP3 recording.