3 ways to come home to the sacred in you

So often we can find ourselves in the hustle of life, rushing around, crossing off one thing on our ‘to do’ list, as we add 3 more things. To be able to keep up the pace we have to somewhat detach ourselves from the needs of our body and soul, who need daily time to rest & BE, especially at the height of winter.


Earlier this week I found myself crying as I drove from one place to the next. I hadn’t used my unlimited yoga pass for a month, my morning self-care ritual had almost completely vanished, my body was sore from so much time on the computer and not enough movement and I hadn’t had a real day off since the holidays in December. I was in pain and exhausted.

I felt like I had abandoned myself, and truth be told for a month I had. You may understand what it feels like to not take the time you need to be the best, most rested, most nourished and fulfilled you. Even if what you have time for is two 10 minute acts of self-love per day, that is a great place to start. Here’s what I did to turn the tables…

In 3 swift steps I came back home to the part of me I felt separated from… the sacredness in me [There is a shining light in you that is pure love, a safe and sacred place that feels like a warm breeze, a care-free day, a gorgeous sunset, a timeless meadow].

1) Forgive yourself.
I needed to find forgiveness, I was angry at myself. This never helps any situation, no matter what you feel you’ve done. When you let go of the grudges and judgements towards yourself you remove unnecessary thick sticky crappy energy. [When that’s gone it’s much easier to connect with the sacred in you].

Imagine one of your children, or a child you know was very upset. How would you soothe the child? What would you say? Imagine yourself as a child, and bring that child the comfort of forgiveness.

2) Start with a clean slate.
It wasn’t going to do me any good to keep tallying up what I hadn’t done. I washed away my list of short-comings with forgiveness and now I had a fresh clean slate, with the possibility to create a new pattern. I felt excited at the thought that tomorrow is a new day!

What do you need to let go of to feel you have a clean slate and a fresh start?

3) Permission to fail (and celebrate).
I also acknowledged that I might not do all the things I have planned to best support myself, and that I may find myself in this situation again, and if I do I will forgive myself and start over. I decided to celebrate every tiny success along the way. When I quit smoking some years ago, it took several tries, even 3 months of non-smoking could quickly end with a moment of weakness and a lit cigarette. I kept trying and celebrating the successes I did have. Eventually I permanently changed that pattern in my life.

What 2 changes could you make in your life that would dramatically improve the quality of each day? Give yourself a test run. Try it for one day, or two. If you fail, forgive yourself, come back to a clean slate, and try again!!!

This week I’ve gone to yoga, danced until I sweat, gotten up at 5:30am 2 days in a row (to allow for a relaxed and quiet morning) and said, “No” to taking on more events or commitments that replace my rest time!

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