3 tools to get you through crrraaazzzzy times!

Hello sweet beauty,
Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you had so many things to deal with you didn’t know how you would ever make it through?

I’ve just come out the other side of one of the most intense times I have ever known. I was challenged to my MAXIMUM and there were a couple tools that got me through that I want to share with you in case you ever find yourself in this situation!

But first a little background…

In December I did some serious planning with my team. We dreamed, visioned, danced and pulled goddess cards as we scheduled out the year for Manifest Dance. We got downright giddy thinking about rebranding, creating a new website, launching a juicy 21-day challenge, and planning the next international retreat!

We had scheduled February/March for re-writing & re-creating the website, creating everything needed for my first massive social media campaign and putting together the promo materials for the next retreat (Can’t wait to share this with you!)

On top of all that we had planned, I still had my full-time work of running Manifest Dance, coaching my clients, leading webinars, public speaking and hosting my monthly Luscious Dancer Club. It was going to be tight, but I knew we could pull it off.

The last week of January I was surprised to hear the house I rent went up for sale, February was filled with calls from realtors, and appointments for house showings, and I started falling behind schedule. By March 1 the house was sold.

Elisha move pic

Normally you have 60 days notice to pack and move….because I was scheduled to be in Costa Rica for the month of April prepping for my retreat, running it and then vacationing I had 30 days notice.

During the busiest month of my year I now had to also pack, find a new home and move. It seemed impossible. I cried almost every day in March and worked super long days….and still the days were passing and I wasn’t advancing the way I needed to, to be able to pull it off.

Here’s the 3 things that got me through, that can help you get through crazy times:

1. Make a priority to go for a walk/dance/run or get to yoga every day.

(Exercise helps you think clearly, releases endorphins that helps you feel happy, and nourishes your body) No matter how silly it sometimes seemed to be stopping to pack or work I made myself either go for a walk or go to yoga…with at least one 3 minute dance break per day.

2. Break your ginormous tasks into little mini-achievable goals.

Big tasks and lists can be so overwhelming that it feels impossible. I began to break my move into one box at a time, my website down to one page at a time, social media campaign into little chunks.

3. Call in the support troops!!

If you often find yourself saying “no it’s ok” when people offer you help, it’s time to make a change. I started saying yes in a big way!! I had my love bring me healthy meals or green juices, friends were dropping off boxes, helping me pack and sending me lots of prayers and light. My dear sweet team were supporting me with emails of support and encouragement.

I finished my move at midnight on March 29th,. At 5am on March 30th I was on my way to the airport!! It was so tight, but it happened!! And now I’m writing you from the beautiful shores of Nosara, Costa Rica.

elisha costa rica

May you find the help, support and tools you need whenever you may find yourself in an unexpectedly crazy time! And may you come through the other side stronger, wiser, and filled with even more joy!

Sending you warm breezes,