What if you danced for 10min today? [3 funky sexy songs]

Hello beautiful,

In all my years of dancing, and facilitating healing and manifestation through movement, I have discovered (Drum roll please…..) This sh*t works.

I challenge you to dance to 3 songs today and cultivate just a little more energy, vitality and joy. You will guaranteed feel different.

Below are 3 songs that I love which are new to me, shared by women in the Summer of Love 21-Day Challenge (link) . You could dance to these, or dance to 3 songs you already know make you want to dance.

Makeshift Innocence “Your Body” (click here)

Jill Scott “A Long Walk”‬ (click here)

Dangerous Love ft. Sean Paul‬ “Fuse ODG” (click here)

(The dancing in this one brings me extreme joy!)

Wishing you a fun, funky & fabulous day!