What does wild mean to you?

Happy New Year Fabulous!

Before I share with you about what WILD means to me, I have a heart-felt wish to share for you in 2015.

May you feel strong in your body and full of vitality
May you be gentle with yourself and celebrate all of your efforts
May you be surrounded by love and a community who believes in you
May you experience deeply satisfying peace, joy and fulfillment
May all of your heart’s desires come to fruition for your highest and greatest good

What is your heart-felt wish for yourself this year? My deep desire for 2015 is to experience each day with ease, beauty and grace. 2014 felt like a hot, messy and beautiful tornado where I slipped in and out of the eye of the storm, where I bounced between overwhelm and elation.

This year will be different. This year my number one priority is healthy time for me, time for self-care, time for being, time to play with dance medicine in the studio. I am not taking on more than I can do and I am taking time to maintain the relationships that are important to me. Part of making that wish come true requires connecting to my WILD side.

wild photoJan9

For me WILD means connecting to the part of myself that is in tune with the rhythms of nature, the pulse of the Earth, the majesty of the mountains. WILD means experiencing with reverence the stunning beauty of the land, seasons and creatures of the Earth.

Connecting to my WILD side is connecting to a sense of freedom to do what feels right, hearing the deepest desires of my soul and listening to the whisper of the my heart. WILD is the courage to act without succumbing to fear of failure. WILD is the ability to leap in spite of the daunting what if’s. WILD is the freedom to dance like no one is watching.

What does WILD mean to you? How will you bring WiLD into your year?

Wishing you so much of all the wonderful things your heart desires,

PS Check out the events. If you’re local to Toronto we will be getting wild with drumming and dancing at the Luscious Dancer Club open house this Sunday!!!