Top 10 things to do before summer ends…….

1.  Nap in the sun with as little clothing on as possible.

Even if it’s just 15 minutes.  Take in the delicious feeling of SUN ON SKIN. Lay a blanket down on the grass and feel the warmth of Mama Earth.

If you have sensitive skin be sure to put on sunscreen, otherwise coconut oil or shea butter have an SPF of 7-10 for those who don’t burn easily.

2.  Eat fresh local fruit for breakfast.

We are at the height of the harvest with berries, peaches, plums & melons. You can add organic hand-whipped cream, fresh honey or cinnamon to enhance the experience!


3.  Spoil yourself.

Whether you pick a gorgeous bouquet of wildflowers, or treat yourself to a spa weekend…self-care includes treating yourself like the goddess you are!

4. Print one or two photos to stick on the fridge.

In the digital age most of our photos live in folders on our computers.  Do you have a photo of a gorgeous flower, you with your kiddos/family or a gorgeous lake-side from your summer.  Bring the warmth into the fall by posting a few pics on your fridge.

5. Hang out.

Are there any friends, family, colleagues, sexy people you wanna date who you would love to spend an afternoon with…on a patio chatting while drinking cool martinis or iced lattes?   Schedule it!!!

6.  Make a sexy playlist.

Make a playlist of songs that make you feel like the sexy goddess you are! Then play it while taking a bath, gardening outdoors, seducing your lover or dancing under the moonlight…

7.  Vision for the Fall.

What do you want to manifest for the coming season?  The time to think about that is now!  How do you want to feel? How much money do you want coming in? How many clients? Health? Love?

Use this link to register for a FREE online webinar to get you set up with powerful intention setting on the new moon next Monday…More info below

8. Dance.

Whether you go out dancing salsa, or go to your local zumba class, movement is a great way to pump your power through your body and clear any stagnant energy.

9. Walk barefoot.

One of the things I have thoroughly enjoyed this summer is being barefoot.  I have danced barefoot, strolled the park barefoot and gone without shoes for days at festivals.

The most beautiful thing I am celebrating after all this barefoot time is my ability to feel the pulse of the Earth through my feet.  I feel her love, her breath, her support.

10. Celebrate.

Take some time to reflect with a journal, and write out what you have accomplished this summer.  It could be that you took time off, created a garden, relaxed, earned an extra $5000, ate fresh food….nothing is too big or small to celebrate.

Honouring your beauty & radiance


Manifest Dance Coach, Founder Manifest Dance