That moment when you realize you live in your car

Hello gorgeous!!

I am currently writing you from a 3-day silent retreat. It feels so meaningful to be able to connect with you from this place that feels outside of time. My heart is filled with gratitude to know that you are here on my life’s journey.

So earlier this season I wrote to you about how I was moving into a teepee to reconnect with the rhythms of the land!! It has been such a wonderful experience, although not what I expected.

Have you ever noticed sometimes in life we have one vision and it turns into something totally different, but also good?

In the end the teepee I rented had a lot of mould in the canvas, and I am very allergic to mould. My dear friends who own the property, also have a house on the land and so they made me a little room in their basement – so cute and cozy with a wood stove and brick walls, beautiful art work and soft lighting.

And it turns out what I really needed was not to sleep outside, but to be able to walk out my door and see the forest with beautiful trails…to watch hummingbirds dance, listen to crows call and play my drums as loud as I want.

Summer is also festival season for me, and already I’ve travelled hundreds of kilometers to facilitate dance & manifestation workshops, while being totally immersed in the beauty of the land and the warmth of community.

Between festivals and living on the land is the love of my life – who lives an hour from the teepee. I have also set up camp at his place, and it’s a warm and loving haven to arrive to.

I looked in my car last week, books, clothes hanging, blankets, tons of shoes, food, camping gear…and it finally dawned on me – the reality is I’m living out of my car!!! My car is the place where I keep all the important things that I need because it is the one constant piece of roving shelter that is always with me. Have you ever had a time in your life where you’re living a nomadic life from your car? I laughed out loud when I realized the truth of my current reality!



I also cried so hard when I arrived to the retreat centre… somehow getting a speeding ticket on the way unearthed this realization that I am tired of packing and unpacking, of trying to keep groceries in various places. I’m tired of driving here, there and everywhere. I haven’t had my own place since March – before I left for Costa Rica. It feels like a long time to be on the move.

I also realized I want to create a foundation with John. I know he would have had me move in months ago. Now I’m ready. I so enjoy when we slip into the routine of cooking dinner together each night, and going daily adventure on our bikes. I will tell him when we meet Saturday morning for our bike adventure date!

At the same time that I am building this next layer of foundation with John (moving in!!), I will begin teaching the Creating a Foundation for Love online course. There is still room for you if you feel called to take the steps towards either calling in the love of your life or cultivating a strong foundation of self-love and worth.

Click here for details & registration

Wishing you a fabulous new moon today.

May the seeds of your heart’s desires come to fruition!!

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