(Re) Connecting to Your Power

In November I went on a solo retreat to explore and transform my deepest fears.  I also connected deeply with myself as a woman.  What I discovered was that buried beneath some of my deepest darkest fears, was love & light.  In other words our fears, and emotional wounds can act as obstacles blocking the flow of our love, light, joy-filled energy, and therefore also blocking the flow of abundance in our life.  I feel strongly that in order to reconnect with our Power as women, we must find love for all aspects of our body and be at peace with our body.  You have the Power to manifest the life of your dreams, to attract the love of your life, and to feel joy and vitality.  However you must do the healing required to access it.

Gratitude is a beautiful way to transform your relationship with your body…Imagine how many thousands of kilometers your legs and feet have carried you…walking, running, dancing!  Imagine all the many tasks your hands have preformed, from making meals, to changing diapers, to making sand castles, and writing cards.  Your body is the most amazing work of art you will ever know and experience.  Your heart beats day in and day out….without asking for rest or a break. (unless you put crazy amounts of stress on it)  Your eyes take in the beauty and wonder of the world….There are many reasons for us to thank our wonderous body.

The Dalai Lama said that Western Women will free the World…. 

I believe that as western women we CAN change the world – and it starts in ourselves.  

This is a poem I wrote at the retreat.
May you find peace with your body and in yourself.
May you connect to the expansive power within.


Empowered woman small

By Elisha MacMillan

The wisdom she carries is as old as fire itself.

The dark animal goddess whispers to her from the deep well of primordial being.

Fire in the belly.

Love in the heart.

Vaginal wisdom flows up the chakras and beyond.

She has the potentiality of both a deer and a volcano in the stillness of this moment…And is ready to act as either at a moments notice.

She has reclaimed her power.

“She”… is Woman.

“Oppression”…is not in her vocabulary.