“Before I started coaching with Elisha I was attracting men who were so wrong for me, selfish, judgmental, non-committal and worse.  I wanted to manifest my true love. I felt discouraged, dispirited almost despaired of ever finding the right man for me.  I began to wonder if I was too old to find true love at age 60... Finally, I have manifested a man who adores me, and sees my radiant soul.  Shay is a sweet, sensitive and wonderful man. This feels so nice, easy, comfortable, right, and life affirming. I’ve manifested the relationship of my dreams.

Thank you Elisha for supporting me in my quest to find a man like this. I appreciate all the wonderful learning that you’ve assisted in supporting me with. We are planning exciting trips and are moving in together.  Thank you so much. I really enjoy your wonderfully passionate spirit.”

L.S. — Toronto

Tanya Porter— Stouffville

“Since my session with Elisha, my direction has been much clearer.  I went into our VIP Visioning Session feeling unsure about certain aspects of my business and came out feeling very assured and even more confident of my eminent success and clear that I'm on the right path.  I am a pretty confident person to begin with, but the session left me with no doubt in my mind.  Now I am empowered and motivated to continue my journey.

Andrene Gregory - The Ultimate Life Coach

Christine Perrault — York

“I wanted to meet someone I could connect with on a deeper level, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Then I began working with Elisha and set my intention.  Within weeks I connected with someone who I knew all along but never had a deep connection with. The connection has developed into a strong spiritual, physical and emotional love connection and continues to grow with each passing day.

In the time working with Elisha, I was presented with a few business opportunities and have decided to follow up on one, which will change my future path from being corporate to being an entrepreneur. It’s a change I look to with excitement and renewed optimism about how we all have the ability to manifest our own destiny.

Working with Elisha really kept me focused on my goals and made me accountable to myself. Life has been more positive and mindful.  I am positive about what the future holds and look to it with loving what I do and not fearing the unknown."

Inti Ali — Brampton

"Before dancing with Elisha I had the feeling that I was not yet fully tuned in to feeling the emotions in my body, like I was disconnected from the aliveness and wisdom in my body.  When we danced to the African rhythms, I felt like I was opening up and celebrating the knowledge and joy in my body. The dance also helped me become even more aware of what my body was feeling/wanting/supporting.  With each dance move, the intention and meaning of the movement was shifting and healing aspects in my body. Not only was it an awesome workout, I felt like my body came alive with spirit of life in a more meaningful and vibrant way. The dances helped me move through changes in my life in a faster and more intentional way, especially with loving and accepting myself and my body."

Sue Bowe McKee, Wildfire Wisdom

“The gift of being coached by Elisha is her ability to help you unlock the wisdom of your body and have it integrated with your mind! Elisha’s coaching style is very empathic yet she is able to address even very delicate subjects in a no-nonsense, clear and direct way. It is very rare to find a coach who has the gift of being able to draw upon the invisible world but at the same time provide concrete tools and strategies that will help you move forward, as powerfully as Elisha is able to.”

Michala Storm, Co-Active Coach and Author

"My experience of working with Elisha has been wonderful.  I gained clarity on where I should go with my business and she helped me firm up some ideas in areas that I was still unsure about.  One exercise that we did was so powerful that I still use it on a regular basis to help me get clarity on any decisions that I need help with.

I thoroughly recommend working with Elisha if you are ready to grow your business and take it to another level.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Lindsay de Swart, Founder of Lindsay de Swart Coaching

"Even in a short session with Elisha I was uplifted and inspired to move into the best story of myself that I can be!  Elisha is a wise guide and has a truly rare and unique ability to weave movement with coaching, which helped me to make even deeper connections with my body and my self.  Elisha's encouragement and enthusiasm gave me the kick-start I needed to really step into who I can be daily and to share this in a broader way with the world!  Thank you, Elisha!"

Julia, creator, editor, ghostwriter, founder of beLoved words

"I have been working with Elisha for about a year and my experience during that year has been wonderful.  Elisha guides you through, while also giving you tools.  I love that aspect!  When I come to our calls it feels like I’m entering a secret garden.  I enjoy the calmness in Elisha’s voice…she is gentle and I feel a sense of inner peace and serenity after our time together."

Alka Sharma, Founder Alka’s Total Fitness

“I’m in my 60′s and have experienced intense chronic knee pain for the past year. When I went into my first session with Elisha, I had no preconceived ideas, or expectations. I was able to connect to a deep fear inside of me and acknowledge it. My knee pain is gone, and here I am a scientist. I didn’t even believe in this stuff!!! Yet months have passed now, and my knee is healed.”

Sandie Epstein

"After having my first session with Elisha I felt I was beaming with light, radiating out from within! The day we met up had been full of ups and downs and the session was profoundly grounding. Guiding me through deep visualization, sensing, knowing, releasing, and personal journeying! I am stronger and at peace with myself in my life, more now then ever! Thank you Elisha you truly are magnificent!"

Vanessa Ianucci

"Since I began working with Elisha, I have developed the strength to listen to my inner voice and truth, and the confidence to explore and pursue my deepest wishes. Elisha guided me to birth my Self.”
C.H. – Uxbridge

"Elisha gives you the tools that you need, they are within - but she shows you how to find them inside."

Sandra VanderZwaag, Newmarket