Moving into Authenticity: Exploring who you are with dance

Blog Aug 23 Beginning PhotoEarlier this month I did a solo road trip to Mara Glazer’s Conference in Baltimore.  To my delight as I drove towards my hotel there were people with every shade of hair imaginable.  There was a rainbow created by the sea of people wearing bright clothing.  There were people with wings, fuzzy ears, unicorn horns and tails.  I thought to myself, “What a cool city! People are so comfortable expressing themselves!”

I later discovered it was the My Little Pony conference – taking place at the convention centre right across the street from my hotel.  There were 7000 attendees, mostly men & women ages 18-25.   I was in HEAVEN – I love dress up! FUN!

This gentle peaceful crowd was sharing their creativity and their true colours using the horse as vehicle for expression. The horse represents many things: freedom, strength, grace, movement and travel, to name a few.

Dance is a powerful vehicle for self-expression AND self-exploration!  The more we get to know ourselves and push our comfort zone, the clearer we will be about who we are, where we want to go and what makes us feel good.  TRANSLATION:  Dance out of your comfort zone, discover something new about yourself & your body, strengthen your connection to your soul & personal power.  When we are in deep connection with our personal power we accelerate the manifestation process.

Here are a few tips for a Fun Dance Exploration! :

1) Find a space where you can dance alone and put on some music.

2) Dance leading with your head!  How does that change the way you dance?
Next dance leading with your pelvis.

3) Dance without moving your feet.  What kind of movement emerges? Now try dancing without moving your arms.

4)  NOW have a full-body dance party!!!!

5) Notice if you have any new moves, or if you feel different.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have just expanded your personal vocabulary to express your soul and have moved into a new level of authenticity!

Blog Aug 23 End Photo