Moving from Fear to Love: Making room for the flow of abundance

Hola Bella!

This blog post is inspired by a personal experience I had this morning.

To start off here’s some background on how fear affects you and your business….

The vibration of fear blocks energetic channels in your body that connect you to divine flow.  Fear can manifest as anxiety, overwhelm, doubt, struggle, compulsion, confusion, pain or depression, among other emotions such as anger or jealousy.  Fear usually shows up in the body as pain, muscle tension or some other kind of physical discomfort, like tightness in the chest, shallow breathing, or a pit in the stomach.  Fear is a constrictive emotion, the opposite of love – which is open and expansive.  It is from the open expansive place that we manifest abundance, and grow our business.

When we are experiencing fear it is like having tunnel vision.  Suddenly we have blinders on and the range of possibility becomes very narrow.  This morning I woke up with pain and sadness in my heart.  I knew it had something to do with my new relationship (that I’ve been completely over the moon about!)  It took some emotional digging and asking myself the right questions to discover that I was afraid that my new love would “get used to me” and he would no longer see me as a beautiful and special goddess.

Now let’s PAUSE.  I’m heavily in the fear zone at this point and am feeling sad, tired and huge aching in my heart– and with GOOD REASON! I have had relationship experience before where I felt like another piece of household furniture, going from gorgeous radiant goddess to household decoration in the eyes of my partner.  Fear is usually based on a painful experience from this lifetime (often from childhood) or a past lifetime.  It then transforms into a mechanism of self-protection.

We are not able to hold the vibration of love and fear at the same time.  This is a brilliant opportunity because when we experience fear we know where to go for transformation.

And so I acknowledged my fear, and thanked it for reminding me of what can happen if I give too much of myself, and lose focus of my purpose and path – consumed by someone else and their path.

I got grounded and centered in my heart wisdom and then asked myself, “What do I know to be true?”

I came up with:

  • I am radiant and beautiful on the inside and out
  • I love myself and recognize my beauty & worth
  • As long as I uphold this love & respect for myself it will be mirrored back to me by my life-partner
  • AND – if not, if communication etc doesn’t change things, I can leave the relationship
  • I will never be trapped in a relationship where I am seen as less than I am

My truths anchored me back in the love zone and I no longer feared my new partner but felt a deep sense of gratitude for the lessons and old stuff that I had released – and will continue to release, because of him.

My day went from struggle & confusion to ease & flow.  The whole process took a couple worthwhile hours.  My heart felt light once more, and suddenly I was back in the driver seat of my own life, creating it exactly as I want it to be – in beauty & harmony.  Time to put on a funky beat and DANCE!

As we release fear we cultivate our ability to manifest abundance – that is attract ideal clients, create business opportunities, experience joy & fulfillment etc!

Doesn’t matter what the fear is about, clearing it is going to help your business big time!  In this case the fear was triggered by relationship but these steps will work with any fears you have –  it could be fear that you won’t get clients, fear of networking & being seen, fear of not having what it takes to succeed…etc.

Here are a few steps that will help you move from fear to love:

Step 1: Awareness – What are you afraid of?  If you can identify your fear – this is already huge & awesome and reason for a big pat on the back!

Step 2: Acknowledgement – Acknowledge why this fear exists and where it is coming from.  (If it is a past life thing you may need support from a practitioner to bring it to the surface)

Step 3: Truth – When you are grounded and centered in your heart – ask yourself, “What do I know to be true?” (For a great freebee video on Quick & Easy Grounding check out my website:

Step 4: Release the Old –  with Gratitude!  Thank your fear for trying to protect you, and send it on its way, you no longer need it.  If you like you can visualize sending it to the light,, to the core of Mother Earth for purification, or to Bahamas on vacation – up to you!

Step 5: Move into Love – with Gratitude!  Gratitude is such a magical ingredient.  As you embrace your heart-felt truths, think of what you are grateful for.

Step 6: Dance – Put on a song that makes you feel good and move! Doesn’t have to look good or be big, simply allow this new awareness to seep into your cells with movement.