I’m moving into a teepee!

Hello Gorgeous,

Have you ever felt like life was going so fast that you needed to somehow slow down the rhythm of your life ?

I’ve been going warp speed for awhile now, and my body has been giving me the signal that if I don’t slow down it’s going to shut me down. I’ve worked myself to exhaustion and illness a few times before and it’s not a pattern I’m willing to repeat.

Part of my plan to slow down the pace was to spend 3 weeks in Costa Rica (where I’m currently writing you from). I’m on week 3, after leading a retreat where we practiced yoga every morning, danced on the beach, swam, surfed, zip-lined, ate delicious organic food and gathered in a circle of sisterhood. They say it takes 3 weeks to form a new habit…I’m creating the habit of a new rhythm and flow!

I decided that the best way to create a new way of living life was to come home to the land. That’s why I decided to spend the summer living in a teepee. I want to wake up with the birds, drum and dance outside, and plan my days and weeks from a place of deep connection to Mama Earth.

Part of tapping into the divine feminine & power of manifestation, is balancing being with doing. Reading a book, enjoying a slow coffee or tea, meditating, taking a bath, dancing in the forest, watching birds, and going on vacation are all examples of being. Do you set aside time for being?

When we slow down we find ourselves back in the flow of creation, and from that place magic unfolds with ease!!

I’m getting ready for a 2-day trek to enjoy the hot springs and rainforests of the volcano Arenal.
May you find sweet moments of surrender & stillness in your days,