How to make your wildest dreams come true in 2015 (free PDF guide)

If you had a magic wand and could make instant changes in your life, what would you create? Would you attract romance or bring more fun into a current relationship? Would you earn an extra $20 – $30,000 in your business or go back to school? Would you experience a daily sense of peace and fulfillment?

I’ve taken risks, listened to the whisper of my heart and done a lot of dreaming, healing and visioning to get to where I am today- living the life of my wildest dreams. (see below for a free guide to help get you there!)

I’m leading a thriving business in a career that combines all of my passions – African dance, coaching, healing, travel, women’s empowerment and sensuality. I am head-over-heels in love with the man of my dreams (actually he’s even more amazing then I could have imagined). And I’m currently planning all the fun details to make my Wild Sacred Sexy, Costa Rica 2015 retreat an over-the-top gorgeous & nourishing experience for all the women attending.

Christmas Winter Woman with Miracle in Her Hand

I have vacations in Europe, Bali and a month in Costa Rica already lined up for 2015, and have time for yoga, relaxing with my love, walks in the forest and hangin’ with my girlfriends.
So. Are you ready to make your dreams come true?

Living the life of my dreams didn’t happen by accident…it takes planning, visioning, and commitment to action steps to make your dreams come true. Only YOU can make it happen. And that’s the good news – you CAN make it happen! I believe in you. 2015 is your year to shine and make miracles beloved one.

I made the, 2015 Makin’ My Wildest Dreams Come True Manifestation Workbook to share the process I’ve been using with my life & biz for over 8 years to reach my goals, and feel good while I’m doing it!
Would you invest and hour or two of your time, to transform your life?

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Please post any page, sentence, vision or commitment from your workbook that you want to share and declare on the Manifest Dance FB page, so we can cheer you on!

With all my love,