How to dance your way through financial fear and attract opportunity

Dearest Brightly Shining Beautiful,

Have you ever experienced financial fear? The fears I’m talking about revolve around scarcity and lack (rather than being afraid of having too much money lol!!)

These fears can often be traced back to our parents, grandparents or even further down our genetic line. Most of our ancestors have experienced forced famines, war or genocide, and cruelty that resulted in their homes, possessions and food being taken away.

I have danced with financial fears for most of my adult existence. My biological father was a scam artist, and very tidily sold their house and all of my moms possessions (guitar, motorcycle, clothing!) along with emptying their bank account – pulling it off in one day, leaving her a single mother with an 8-month old baby and what she was wearing. I don’t have to go to far back to trace where I picked up these fears.

Here’s what I’ve noticed about allowing panic and fear to sweep through my body; we are powerful creators and the underlying currents of emotion that are held in our body become manifest in reality.

So it’s kind of a vicious cycle – the more you worry and focus on lack the more you create it, or block opportunities. I have played this game many rounds!!! When I dance and breathe and go into the fears and acknowledge them before shifting them, choosing new & different thoughts, clients and opportunities rain down.

Monday of this week, I started to have that feeling creep up… The responsibility to pay my staff, my numerous bills, car, rent, etc adds up to a minimum of $5000 per month, that’s scraping by for me. And to add to that this month I had a hefty deposit for my 2016 Bali retreat!!! Soooo I did my deep breathing and moved into the trust. [I’m done with living with these fears. DONE!]


Yesterday I had a woman reach out to me who would like to start coaching…I also received an unexpected phone call and was offered $400 to dance in a business suit for some filming next week. That happened the DAY AFTER working through and around my fears. I have seen this sort of results so many times in my 8 years of being an entrepreneur.

Here are the key steps to dance through fear and manifest $$$ and opportunity:

1) Know your financial situation (the clearer you are the less panicked you will be…even if the situation doesn’t feel good)

2) Trace where in your body the anxiety, panic, tightness, knots etc. are coming from. Breathe deeply into that place inviting your body to unwind.

3) Dance. Dance hard, fast or slow and sexy, but move your body. Dance helps to relieve stress big time. I recommend dancing to at least 3 songs.

4) Replace your fears with affirmations, such as “I open to receive financial windfalls and unexpected opportunities. All of my needs are abundantly met today and all of my tomorrows.”

5) Ask your guides/angels/ancestors (whoever you believe in) to help you connect to the next client/opportunity. You can also release your fears to them.

6) Repeat. Every single time that scared feeling begins to rise.

7) Watch the magic unfold.

I honour your courage and tenacity,