How to create space for true love to waltz into your life

Dear Radiant Beauty,

There was a time when I had given up on true love. After many relationships I came to the conclusion that my beliefs were wrong – there was not one amazing man out there for me who would compliment me in just the right way. I resigned myself to the fact that there were many men who could be good partners, none of whom were just for me.

As a coach who supported women to manifest their dreams, I began to have clients come to me asking for help to manifest the love of their life. We danced and did the inner work that would create space and openness for real love to flourish. And sure enough true love came.

“Before I started coaching with Elisha I was attracting men who were so wrong for me, selfish, judgmental, non-committal and worse. I wanted to manifest my true love. I felt discouraged, dispirited almost despaired of ever finding the right man for me. I began to wonder if I was too old to find true love at age 60… Finally, I have manifested a man who adores me, and sees my radiant soul. Shay is a sweet, sensitive and wonderful man. This feels so nice, easy, comfortable, right, and life affirming. I’ve manifested the relationship of my dreams. We are planning exciting trips and have moved in together…” – L.S, Toronto

It was my clients who helped restore my belief in love. I did the inner work I knew I needed to do and within 4 months the love of my life waltzed into my world. Words cannot describe what we feel for eachother almost one year later. I have heard the term “twin flame” which feels like the perfect description for John and I.

He loves to bring me pleasure. This weekend he is taking me away somewhere that is a surprise. My guess is Montreal (I’ll let you know!) He loves to take me travelling and has planned a 2-week trip for us in Italy this August. He has an amazing awareness of healthy eating, and was already making green smoothies for breakfast when I met him!!?! He happens to have a passion for photography and video, which is exactly what I need support with to bring my biz to the next level. I am his first priority. John has helped me grow and value myself even more. I couldn’t have even imagined a relationship this supportive, exciting, nourishing, passionate and loving.

I want to help you create this for yourself. In Thursday’s free webinar I will share with you the 4-step process I have used for myself and other clients to attract true unshakably amazing love. Register here.

May you experience deep love,