Get To Know Your Guides replay & offer

We had a rich and fabulous webinar on Thursday discovering how we can connect to our angels and guides, and how to employ their help. If you missed it and have an hour to invest to change your life, here is our replay:

Also see below for The Top 3 Ways to Get Support from Your Guides.
(Note: you don’t have to believe in it for it to work!)

At the end of the call I offered a Get to Know Your Guides Visioning Session for 10 women, and I still have a few spots available.

During a 60-min call:
· Get clear about what you want to create in your life/biz in 2015
· Discover where stuck energy is in the body that is blocking the flow of your power to manifest
· Gain clarity about who your spirit guides are and receive messages that will give you the next steps to be able to create your most fulfilling life/biz

At the end of the call you will have a clear sense of direction, know your next action steps towards your dreams and have knowledge of who your unseen helpers are.

I am offering this gift at the special rate of $97.

My hour-long coaching calls are usually $297 — A savings of $200 for you!
I guarantee this will change your life in a big way.
If you don’t feel the value by the end of our call I will refund your money.

If you’re ready to take the driver’s seat on your life, and start steering in the direction of joy, abundance and fulfillment or if you have a specific question or decision to make, you will leave with clarity. We will connect to your guides and also get messages from them about how to get where you want to go!


“Connecting with my guides was the coolest thing ever! It helped me understand that I’m not alone, that somebody always has my back. Now I’m confident to call upon my unseen team, and I do it on a daily basis to help me with whatever I need help with big or small! Things that used to take more effort to accomplish get done with greater ease. I find myself randomly smiling because I feel an inner peace knowing that I’m not alone.”
Karin Bollman, Transformational Life Coach

Top 3 Ways to Get Support from Your Guides

1) In the morning take 5 minutes to welcome your guides and ask for help.

For example, “I welcome my guides and guardians, helpers and healers, angels and archangels, gods, goddesses and deities, spirit totem animals and ancestors who are working with me for my highest and greatest good.”

It can also be shorter, “I welcome my guides and angels who support me for my highest and greatest good”

Than ask for help, and/or set your intention for the day. “Please help me to connect with people who I am meant to collaborate with, help me to remember to stay present in the moment, and please hold my fears/worries/anxiety for my highest and greatest good. My intention is to experience peace, ease and flow today.” Then you can always thank them for coming at the end of your requests “Thank you to my guides and angels who support me.”

2) You can set up a system with your guides as a way to show you they are with you..perhaps it is to find a feather in your path, coin, a certain song on the radio, windchimes or when you see a certain bird like a cardinal or blue jay. Notice what you are thinking or feeling when you see the established sign.

3) You can also use oracle or tarot cards to get messages from your guides. First welcome them in, than imagine blessing your cards in beautiful white light. Ask your specific question or ask for what message do I need to hear for today. Than again, you can thank them for coming.