Exercises for exploring your spiritual path and vision

Hello beautiful,

With the dawn of a new year around the corner, it’s a wonderful time to reflect and celebrate all that you’ve learned, all that you’ve healed, all that you’ve accomplished, and all that you’re blessed with.

If you’ve never done this before, it’s a fabulous exercise of contemplation that creates a nice clean canvas for dreaming and creating the new!

Here’s an example of a few things that were on my list for 2014:

  • Grew Manifest Dance Team by adding 2 beautiful women who I adore, who support with marketing, social media, admin and most of all me & my vision
  • Shared my story of sexual trauma for the first time
  • Hired a holistic nutritionist and learned how to best nourish my body

Inevitably when we take a look at who we’ve been, what we’ve done, the question appears, “What’s next?”

It’s important to have a really clear vision of what you want, because then you can FULLY commit to it and the universal energies can support you in bringing it to fruition.

Jsun painting

Painting by: Jsun Cave

To begin the exploration of what you’re soul is hungry for, and what your vision is for 2015 (or perhaps your vision is for the next 5 years). Take out your journal and respond to any of the following questions.

  • What would take your breath away?
  • What part of you that is hungering to be expressed?
  • What is as good as it can get for you? What would that be like multiplied by 1000? (including work, play, love, spirituality, money, family/friends).
  • It is a year from now and life is better than you could have dreamed. What did you do to get here? Who did you become for this to be true?

As you get clear on what you’re longing for, your vision emerges as a north star. You can then make the choice to begin taking steps to make your dreams come true.

If you want to share any of your answers to these questions, feel free to comment on the blog post on my Facebook Page.

Honouring your beauty and radiance,