Deepening the Dance

The crystal cave experience guides you in an exploration of the treasures within your ‘dancing body’. The crystal cave is like a cocoon.  Within the safety of a held and sacred space there is inner movement.  This ‘create your own adventure’ explores 7 treasure chests.  There is continuity with some elements from our challenge experience, along with highly specialized one-on-one support as you open each treasure chest.

Why stay frozen when you can move?

How do you dance with things that come your way? Whether it be something exciting, terrible, surprising, confusing or challenging….How do you respond and Move with it? The crystal cave experience offers you a set of tools to support your Dance with Life.

This experience includes:

Meeting at the Crossroads


During this session we’ll gather the gems from your challenge experience and create a roadmap for this next chapter of the journey.  Drawing from your own embodied wisdom we will design your experience to span from 7 to 28 days.  During this call I will guide you in finding the sound(s) that echos the singing vibration in your heart. Along with the dance, “Singing Your Heartsong” is a way to move held energy and connect with life force energy.

Entering the Crystal Cave


Much like the Surrender to Love Challenge, you’ll receive a daily challenge that represents the ‘treasure chest’ to explore.  There are 8 treasure chests including Fulfillment, Child and Dream...  Each challenge email is full of tools to open and explore the treasure chests; music to move to, poetry, guided visualizations, and journaling questions.  You may choose to do the challenges at your own pace, as each treasure chest is a rich exploration.  These tools can be used for years to come as you Dance with Life.

A Moment with Your Inner Gold

Listening for the elements to best support you in this journey, I felt a reading with my colleague Andrea Mathieson could be highly beneficial.  This optional 20-min telephone session recommends a specific flower essence to support your crystal cave experience.  The intuitive reading, essence and shipping are included in the Crystal Cave fee.  Andrea is the founder of Raven Essences and Grey Heron Retreat Centre.

Closing Ceremony


This 15-min call is a sacred window of time, where we come together to acknowledge what has shifted and where you are now.  Honouring the transformative 'aha moments' that have taken place, this call is a sweet moment of deep witnessing.

Do you feel called to continue the journey of the 'challenge experience' ?
They say it takes 21 days to create a habit.

What if you made a habit of Dancing with Life?

As a special bonus solely to our challenge members, I’m offering this new program for
$222 for the next 3 days only.
For latecomers to this program there will be an additional fee of $75.
Entry to this program closes on March 11.  The program will be complete for everyone by April 18.

Take a moment to listen in, and feel if this is for you.