Enlivened Body Knowing:
Dance practices for alchemy and re-patterning

An Online Course - Begins January 20, 2020

An invitation to sharpen your instincts, dance to delicious music, redesign boundaries and nourish the Earth.

When tuning in for the theme of this course, I used a poetry and divination system created by dear colleague, friend and mentor Andrea Mathieson. The poetry is in the voice of Gaia.
My body sighed in deep acknowledgement when I read the words:

I want to move with you
but when your body is consumed
with fear, the cord between us frays.
When you race with panic or greed,
your footsteps grate against me.
Let your movements come from silence
Joy will ripple through your flesh.

- From Gaia's Invitation - 120 Poems from the Sacred Earth by Andrea Mathieson, 2005


What rhythms will you bring into 2020?

Are there old patterns of striving, worrying and over-doing that you're ready to transform?


Dance Medicine for Alchemy and Activism: Transforming old habits into new possbilities

Photo credit: the amazing Gregory Colbert

Through movement we connect to the Earth of our bodies and re-member our essence. We can explore new ways of feeling and being, and consciously re-pattern old ways that have bound us or kept things dull. Movement can help us to widen our horizons of what feels possible.

Dance helps us to access the truth of our bones, the knowing of our flesh, the depth of our heart and the wisdom of our soul. The movement practices in this course can support you to deepen your relationship to the Earth of your body, and listen to the instincts and language that your body uses to guide you.

Your body is a living animal that expresses your soul and can help you track your destiny, regulate your rhythms and align your actions with Earth's living systems.

Our flesh is composed of the very Earth that is undergoing so much devastation at this time. As we restore ourselves we restore the Earth. As we restore the Earth we restore ourselves.

During our movement homework I'll guide you to explore what feels nourishing and opening to your body, while finding movements that soften tension and create space. We'll have specific themes each month and opportunity with guidance on how to interpret what your body tells you through movement and postures.

Our 5-month Journey at a Glance

Through simple practices and prompts we'll explore the following themes over the next 5 months...

Fearlessness - In session 1 we'll explore embodying our inner warrior, while acknowledging our inner worrier. Practices from this class will support you to anchor and deepen confidence in your own embodied knowing and ability to navigate life's ups and downs moment by moment.

Playfulness - In our Feb session we open the door to possibility through engaging the wisdom of playfulness as a remedy for rigidity and pushing upstream. Movement practices for the month will be focused on playfulness/releasing judgement.

Curiosity - Building on playfulness, in March we dance into curiosity... Noticing our triggers and what feels uncomfortable, along with relationship patterns and dynamics that feel restrictive or stale (with others, yourself or possibly money etc). Movement is a way to open the door to curiosity, which is closely connected to the state of wonder.

Re-patterning: Now that we've come in as the curious observer and made some observations we can pick a couple things to work with. This is where we turn up the heat of dance alchemy - engaging your inner warrior, expanded by capacity to be playful and curious. From this place we can acknowlege patterns that are stale/colonial/boring/harmful and play with shifting boundaries, allowing new life to flourish and the openness for spontaneous embodied knowing.

Alignment - By our 5th session we're now entering the blossoming of May. Our movement exploration will be centred around listening to our deepest truths, guided by our bodies knowing and aligning with Gaia's rhythms. We'll listen for what feels balanced and enlivening - through the unique language of our own body.


DATES: Jan 20, Feb 24, Mar 23, Apr. 20 and May 25
Our sessions are 50 min. beginning at 7pm EST (on Zoom). In order to support your exploration you'll receive homework prompts by email between our monthly sessions.
ALL SESSIONS WILL BE RECORDED and sent to you the following day!

I'm trying an experiment, I'm offering this course as PAY WHAT YOU CHOOSE <3
(value $300)

I ask that you tune into your intuition and listen for what would be the right exchange to participate in the course. I've opened up this opportunity in honour of those people who emailed me excited about the course, but unable to attend for financial reasons.

At the end of the course there will be an option to make a second donation based on what you feel you gave and received (completely optional!)


Registration is available for up to 50 participants... we had 67 for our webinar and a few hundred from the 7 Days of Dance Medicine challenge in the Fall.

If you feel turned on by a monthly dance date to support your personal evolution and daily pleasure SIGN UP to RESERVE YOUR SPOT.

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You'll receive an email this Monday morning with the webinar link for our 7pm EST Fearlessness dance exploration! I look forward to this journey together <3 

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