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Dundun Dance Summer Celebration Event
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Do you love to move to the beat of live drumming? Dundun Dance is a unique opportunity to learn ancient drumming dances that originated from the Baga women of Guinea, West Africa.

Dunduns are large cylindrical bass drums played with sticks. When played these drums offer the medicine of connecting to your own personal strength and presence. They can also help us to invite healing rhythms and joy into our lives.

Our August 11 Summer Celebration Event is an opportunity to unleash your inner dancer and drummer in a welcoming, supportive and nourishing environment. You can come do deep inner work, or simply enjoy experiencing the vitality of communal drum and dance.

For a deeper dive with the medicine, take a look at our Fall Women's Drum & Dance Medicine Retreat.

Dundun Dance Summer Celebration Event - Aug 11

A family friendly event on the beautiful property of Shaw Percussion...

Dundun dance is both a fun and empowering experience that can help us to connect to ourselves, the Earth and each other. This event is special, as we're opening up our circle to children ages 8 and up along with any of the men in your lives!

Our event takes place on the new moon eclipse. There will be guided opportunity to consciously let go and infuse intention into your dance. Expect some good laughs, new connections and to dance outside rain or shine (we have beautiful white tents set up and if it's too hot, we'll be inside with the AC on).

You're welcome to stay for a dip in the beautiful inground pool at Shaw after class. We'll be serving up lemonade, watermelon and homemade cookies. Please share with any people who you think would enjoy!

DATE: Saturday August 11
TIME: 1:30pm - 3:30pm
LOCATION: Shaw Percussion
5258 Old Homestead Rd. Georgina, ON L0E 1R0
Adults $65 per person or $50 each when you register with a friend {hst added to tickets}
Children/Youth ages 8-15 : By donation (Fundraising for Yoruba House Project, a Nigerian Women's Farming Co-op)

Includes drum rental. No previous experience required.

Historical Context of Dundun Dance

Kemoko Sano introduced Dundun Dance to the United States over 10 years ago. Through his choreography with internationally performing groups, Les Merveilles De Guinee and Les Ballets Africains. Dundun Dabce became more know in the USA and beyond.

I’ve been blessed to have studied Dundun dance in Guinea, West Africa with M'Bemba Bangoura, and Mr. Kemoko Sano’s son, Seiku Sano, current director of Les Merveilles. For over 4 years I studied and peformed Dundun Dance with Master Drummer, Mohammed Diaby in his company Mandingue Foli Kan Don and Master Dancer Sani Abu in his company Ijo Vudu Dance Co.


My passion and respect for West African drum & dance led me to live in West Africa, so I could eat, sleep and breathe the rhythms. The result was deep healing, dear friendships and activation of my purpose. It is with great respect and honor that I share these ancient drumming dances.




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