The Destiny Weaving retreat is an invitation to slow down time,
melt into your body, enliven your dreams and be pampered.

Delicious time for you...

Our retreat begins on June 1... The air is fragrant and filled with the chorus of birds returned home.  The earth is warm and receptive, abundant with Spring energy and vibrant colour.  The sacred feminine expresses the fullness of her fertility and beauty.

What would it be like to pause your routine and take sacred time for you?

What would happen if you infused your life with 4 days of dance, delicious food, relaxation, creativity and connection?

Movement as Medicine

"The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body." - Gabrielle Roth

Movement interrupts habitual thought patterns and can help us to access deep truths within ourselves. Some 'truths' may actually be outmoded stories, ready to be liberated from your body consciousness. Other truths are buried treasure, ready to surface and support you.

Movement can also be used for healing and alignment. Your body is wise, and when given the opportunity to dance freely, she will naturally move towards harmony. Both authentic movement and West African dance will be woven into our retreat 'choreography'.

Voice and Sound

A mother instinctively knows how to soothe her baby through whispering, singing or humming. The vibration of your voice also has the power to heal your physical body and transform the way you feel. We will play with our own voice on retreat, exploring how sound can be soothing, empowering and transformative.

Weaving Your Destiny

We are all powerful creators and play a role in weaving our future. Loosening the threads of old stories creates openness for new colours, possibilities and future outcomes. There will be spacious time for you to call in the opportunities, teachings and circumstances that support your soul to live her divine destiny.

Our personal lives and choices are intertwined with planet Earth's evolution at this crucial time in history. As you tend to your inner landscape you nourish the Earth.

It's an honour to welcome Transformational Energy Weaver and Artist, Janet Stanley as a guest facilitator on our retreat.  Janet will guide us in creating our own 'Energy Weave,' a sacred web that holds the energy of what is newly emerging through us.


What's Included

3 nights accommodation in our spacious Chalet

Delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner
Our menu is designed to delight your senses and nourish your highest health.
Meals are created with organic ingredients (local wherever possible).
Vegan & Gluten-free options available at every meal.

All materials for workshops.

20-min Body Whisperer Session with Elisha
This session is a way to begin the retreat process before we meet on June 1. During our call I will guide you into the living library of your body. Together, we listen for energy that has been buried, repressed or frozen. Connecting from a place of curiosity and openness brings light to what was previously stuck in the shadows of your body, and makes room for the energy to move and flow. 


Our Location

We have plenty of room to dance, craft and retreat in our 4500 sq. ft chalet. Nestled at the base of the Blue Mountains in Collingwood, Ontario, our chalet is a 15min walk to Georgian Bay and Blue Mountain Village.

With spectacular views of the mountains, an outdoor hot tub and a large deck for watching sunsets, we are held in beauty and invited to relax! Rooms will be shared between 2 people. If you would like a private room, there is an additional $300 fee.

Your Host <3

Elisha MacMillan BA Hons CPCC is a women's coach, speaker, sociologist and dance alchemist. She has brought rhythms of healing, pleasure and purpose to thousands of women in Canada, USA & Europe. In her business Manifest Dance (, Elisha helps women to heal and cultivate the seeds of their dreams through workshops, retreats, online trainings and private coaching. Her experiences of studying dance in Guinea, Mali and Ethiopia deeply inform her philosophy of dance medicine.

Prerequisites and Registration

In preparation for our time together we will each fast for 7 days prior to our retreat.
For example, you may choose to take 7 days off of social media, 7 days without refined sugar or 7 days without listening to the news. If you like, during your Body Whisperer Session we can tune-in together about your fast.

If you are interested in joining us and have not previously worked with me through a workshop, retreat or coaching, please contact me. I'm happy to explore how we may work together prior to the retreat (a prerequisite to attend).

Our retreat runs from June 1 - 4.  You are welcome to arrive anytime between 2pm - 6pm on Thursday June 1.  The retreat will wrap up after lunch on Sunday June 4.

Retreat Investment: $1195

A $250 non-refundable deposit reserves your place on our retreat.
The balance can be paid in one installment, or through a monthly payment plan.



Below is a story I wrote inspired by the essence of our retreat.

Once upon a time...

A beautiful girl was born.
Her eyes twinkled with the love of Creation, and she often walked with a fairy-like grin.

Her imagination was vivid, enlivened by the sacredness of the forest and the presence of magical beings.

She had many unique gifts and abilities. She even showed off her marvellous wings to her forest friends. Until the day when her light had to dim, and she became aware of the 'world of expectations.'

She learned about what was 'lady-like' and where and when to sing. She discovered there was 'no dancing at the table' and that 'she had no wings'. Her magical powers faded as she hid them in a box. She soon forgot there was a key, for fear of being unworthy!

She grew to be an adult, who felt a deep longing for more. She did 'inner work,' healed and shed and grew over the years. And then one day she came across a box, and said, "Hey, what's this thing for?"

A quiet voice began to whisper in her heart. "Remember in your essence who you came to Earth to be. A wayshower, a light-worker, a healer, a guide...your light can lift humanity. Remember the softness of forgiveness and the strength of your beating heart. You can make a difference if you make your life your art."

The woman slowly opened her box. Inside was a spool of luminescent rainbow thread.

Image from: Daughters of the Moon Tarot
Created by: Ffiona Morgan

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