"Hard times require furious dancing" ~ Alice Walker

What if dance is Love's call to us?

What if it's an offering from the Divine as a way back?

What if we follow the rhythmic call, not for practical gain or anticipated outcomes,
but because we must go?

What if the Earth needs to feel us dancing with her?

Our ancient ancestors understood the power of dance and Indigenous communities around the world continue to use dance for rites of passage, healing and ceremony.

This online course works with the medicine and mystery of dance. Each session will include movement, stillness and deep listening, journalling and sharing, helping you to access your body's wisdom.

 There will be funky rhythmic warm-ups, slow tunes and global grooves!

This course will help you to weave elements of Dance Medicine:

Dance medicine works with bodies of diverse ability. Dance can happen in a chair or lying down, with tiny movements, butt shaking, or crawling on the ground! There will be invitations to incorporate vocal sound.

For a taste of this online course, join us at the Dance as Nourishment online event (free) happening on
Friday March. 25 from 1-2:15pm EDT.

This course is an invitation to deepen your connection to body as Earth.
Do you feel moved to join us?

DATES: On Thursday's: April 7, 28, May 19, June 9, 23. @ 7 - 8:30pm EST on Zoom
Session recordings will be emailed within 24 hours.

REGISTRATION: Contact me by April 1: to reserve your spot!

PAYMENT: Can be done by e-transfer or I can send you a paypal invoice for credit card payment.

INVESTMENT: There are two options for payment: the full tuition $220 + hst, or upon registration in two installments, of $110 +hst, first due upon registration, second due by May 10.

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