West African Dance Medicine

West African Dance is potent medicine that has supported me to heal, transmute, connect and manifest for the past 15 years...

Come shake up any stagnant Winter energy and create space for Spring seeds!

In the midst of February cold, we invite you to warm yourself by the fires of our communal dance and rhythms.

Winter is a natural time of reflection and introspection. We have the opportunity during shorter days and cold weather to go within ourselves, and notice. Our thought patterns and emotional turmoil can become louder, showing us what needs to change. It's also a fertile time to make internal shifts that support new ways of thinking and being!

We will gather in circle, sharing in the healing and joy of West African dance. You will experience a tangible shift in your physical tension/emotional discomfort as we journey with this ancient medicine.

As we shift stagnant energy, new space is made available for healing, joy and ease. We will take time to listen to our own embodied wisdom and guidance.


We're taking a break for the summer. Stay tuned for our next Dance Medicine program launching in Fall 2019!

We have just completed our 2018/2019 program.
Stay tuned for the next one!

Dance Medicine Circle
A monthly dance event for your nourishment

Are you interested in exploring movement as a tool for healing, discovery, transmutation and manifestation? You are welcome to join us as we uncover the magic & mystery of dance, used by ancestors worldwide to manifest healing, protection, abundant crops and connection with Source/Creator/Creation.

This journey is an opportunity to deepen your experience of movement as a simple and direct way to shift energy that expresses as physical pain/tension, confusion/overwhelm and out-moded patterns (ways of thinking and being that are no longer aligned with your authentic soul expression).

What would you like to invite into your life? Perhaps vitality, opportunity, balance or self-love? We will use different forms of movement medicine including Intuitive Movement (what feels nourishing to your body in the moment), West African dance and Body Percussion.

Our journey will unfold to a soundtrack of inspiring and soulful world music as we shift old energy, harness personal power and ignite seeds of intention.

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