Taking the time to connect to yourself and your power centres as a woman can change your life and your business. You know that incredible force within you that can create a human, or birth an amazing project…

That same energy is available to you at any stage in your life if you nourish yourself and take time to connect.

When you’re connected to your full Power, the ability to be wild, sacred and sexy, you’re tapped into ultimate health & vitality, inner wisdom, creativity & joy. This vibrant energy attracts more opportunities.

Join us for an unforgettable week of fun, relaxation and ultimate pampering as we (re)connect to our  

Wild, Sacred, Sexy selves




On this safe & wild adventure we will explore sensuality and Self through movement and the senses.

• Learn sacred West-African dances –
ancient medicine to nourish the soul

• Relax, Enjoy, Have Fun, Dance & Move

• Connect with like-hearted women
and make friendships for life

• Harmonize with the beach
and the gorgeous natural surroundings

• Leave feeling vibrant, nourished & alive

All of our ancestors no matter where in the world we come from honoured  life with ritual and ceremony. When you take the time to celebrate and acknowledge yourself and your meaningful life transitions, you become realigned with your joy and purposes.

We will adorn ourselves with flowers, dance, eat great food, and have an awesome time with other like-hearted women!

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