I would be honoured if you witness my story [5 min video inside]

Dear Beautiful, Thank you for being part of my community and part of my world. It truly means so much to me to be able to share with you. It’s been a whole year since I began creating a video that would share my story of encountering the medicine of dance at a young age.…

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How to dance your way through financial fear and attract opportunity

Dearest Brightly Shining Beautiful, Have you ever experienced financial fear? The fears I’m talking about revolve around scarcity and lack (rather than being afraid of having too much money lol!!)

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How to create space for true love to waltz into your life

Dear Radiant Beauty, There was a time when I had given up on true love. After many relationships I came to the conclusion that my beliefs were wrong – there was not one amazing man out there for me who would compliment me in just the right way. I resigned myself to the fact that…

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